Spring '22 Release


Google Billing Accounts

Cloudaware extends Google Cloud Billing API support. Customers can review relationships between GCP Projects and associated Google Billing Accounts in Cloudaware CMDB.

Google BigQuery Integration For Advanced Cost Analysis

Сloudaware Cost Management integrates with Google BigQuery to enhance cost analysis. Customers use Google BigQuery queries to compress, aggregate, filter and optimize billing data to make monthly and daily datasets more efficient before uploading them to the Cloudaware analytics portal. Check the setup guide

Export Application Inventory Using Google BigQuery

Customers can use Google BigQuery to export application inventory from Cloudaware into a single table or create a consolidated table of all AWS resources, e.g. AWS Accounts with child resources. Check the sample use case


Cloudaware Virtual Applications

Cloudaware Virtual Applications introduce the new nice, neat and easy-to-use UI. Navigate between clouds, resource types, and tiers and search for specific CIs in the application interface.

Moreover, Cloudaware extends the range of objects attachable to Cloudaware Virtual Applications:

  • AWS API Gateway Rest API

  • AWS AppStream Fleet

  • AWS CodeBuild Project

  • AWS ECR Repository

  • AWS Glue Crawler

  • AWS EC2 Launch Configuration

  • AWS CloudFormation Stack

  • AWS SageMaker Notebook Instance


AWS DataSync
AWS Kendra
AWS Service Quotas
AWS Shield Advanced
Azure Log Analytics


Compliance Engine

New AWS Glue Catalog related policies added:

  • Block public access to AWS Glue Catalog

  • AWS Glue Catalog should have MFA "on delete" enabled

AWS Direct Connect

New objects are added:

  • AWS Direct Connect Lag

  • AWS Direct Connect Gateway

  • AWS Direct Connect Gateway Association

  • AWS Direct Connect Gateway Attachment

The objects AWS Direct Connect Connection and AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interface are updated to get a set of important fields and tags.

AWS Lambda

On August 10, 2021, AWS introduced a change in the way that asynchronous invocations of AWS Lambda functions work when the function has reserved concurrency set to zero. Lambda functions meeting these criteria will have events sent to a dead letter queue (DLQ) instead of being retried. Cloudaware harvests reserved concurrency configuration settings for AWS Lambda functions to allow reporting to detect functions requiring attention.


The object AWS SNS Topic is updated to support tags. Customers may attach SNS Topics to application based on a specific tag.

Azure CosmosDB

The object Azure Cosmos DB Resource is added. The object includes the following object types:

  • Table

  • Mongo DB
    Mongo DB Collection

  • Gremlin DB
    Gremlin Graph

  • Core SQL
    Core SQL Container

  • Cassandra Keyspace
    Cassandra Table



MongoDB Atlas



The API capability to programmatically create/update/remove a Rancher integration is added.

Winter '22 Release


Java Discovery Fact For Apache Log4j

Log4Shell is a high severity vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228, CVSSv3 10.0) that impacts multiple versions of the Apache Log4j 2 utility. The vulnerability allows for unauthenticated remote code execution. Currently, the scanning tools are able to detect a limited scope of Log4j vulnerabilities only relevant to Apache HTTP server. Cloudaware has released a custom fact that enables Java discovery to identify vulnerable log4j jar* files. Please note that Breeze is to be installed to enable this type of scans.

OS Services CIS Scans

CIS Kubernetes Benchmark is added to Cloudaware Compliance Engine library. The benchmark allows to evaluate the hardening level of container orchestration deployments.


Cloudaware Virtual Applications

The following objects are available for attachment to Cloudaware Virtual Applications:

  • AWS EFS File System

  • AWS EKS Cluster

  • AWS EKS Cluster Pod

  • AWS EMR Cluster

  • AWS Kinesis Firehose Destination

  • AWS Kinesis Stream

  • AWS KMS Key

  • AWS MQ Broker

  • AWS RDS Cluster

  • AWS Secrets Manager Secret

  • AWS SQS Queue

  • Azure SQL Instance

  • Azure SQL Instance Database

External APIs

Cloudaware released API to remove AWS Account. This API allows to mark an AWS Account for removal and automatically approve the removal request. Note that only Admin users are able to leverage this feature.


Azure Data Factory

Azure Analysis Services

Azure Monitor Metrics



The object AWS MSK Configuration Revision is added, with a lookup to objects AWS MSK Cluster, AWS MSK Configuration and AWS MSK Node. This object stores the details related to AWS MSK configuration revision and helps to capture the actual cluster configuration.


The following AWS Directory related fields are added to AWS RDS instance and AWS RDS Cluster layouts: Name, FQDN, IAM Role ARN, ID, Status.

AWS Сost Explorer Coverage and Utilization 

Cloudaware supports new record types for ElastiCache, Elasticsearch, Redshift allowing to track RI сoverage and utilization.