The list of objects that are attachable to Cloudaware Virtual Applications: AWS API Gateway API AWS Account AWS AppStream Fleet AWS CloudFormation Stack AWS CloudFront Distribution AWS CodeBuild Project AWS DynamoDB Table AWS EBS Snapshot AWS EBS Volume AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group AWS EC2 Elastic IP AWS EC2 Image AWS EC2 Instance AWS EC2 Launch Configuration AWS EC2 Network Interface AWS EC2 Reserved Instances AWS ECR Repository AWS ECS Cluster AWS ECS Container Instance AWS ECS Service AWS ECS Task AWS EFS File System AWS EKS Cluster AWS EKS Cluster Pod AWS ELB Load Balancer AWS EMR Cluster AWS ElastiCache Cluster AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment AWS Elasticsearch Domain AWS FSx Backup AWS FSx File System AWS GlobalAccelerator Accelerator AWS Glue Crawler AWS KMS Key AWS Kinesis Firehose Destination AWS Kinesis Stream AWS Lambda Function AWS MQ Broker AWS MSK Cluster AWS MediaConnect Flow AWS MediaConnect Flow Output AWS MediaConnect Flow Source AWS MediaLive Channel AWS MediaLive Input AWS MediaPackage Channel AWS MediaPackage Origin Endpoint AWS MediaPackage VOD Packaging Config AWS MediaStore Container AWS RDS Cluster AWS RDS Instance AWS Redshift Cluster AWS Route53 Hosted Zone AWS S3 Bucket AWS SQS Queue AWS SageMaker Notebook Instance AWS Secrets Manager Secret Azure App Service Azure App Service Domain Azure App Service Plan Azure Cosmos DB Account Azure Load Balancer Azure MySQL Database Azure MySQL Server Azure Network Interface Azure PostgreSQL Database Azure PostgreSQL Server Azure Public IP Address Azure Redis Cache Azure Resource Group Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Elastic Pool Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure SQL Managed Instance Database Azure SQL Server Azure Storage Account Azure Storage VHD Azure Virtual Machine CloudAware Physical Server CloudAware URL CloudAware URL Check Google GCE Disk Google GCE Instance Google GCE Instance Group Google GCE Network Interface JIRA Issue PagerDuty Incident PagerDuty Service