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MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud-hosted MongoDB service allowing customers to deploy, operate, and scale deployments on the cloud service provider of their choice.

Adding MongoDB Atlas Organization

1. Log in to your Cloudaware account → Admin.

2. Find MongoDB Atlas in the list of integrations, click +Add.

3. To grant access to connect to MongoDB Atlas organization, fill out the following fields:

Public Key - enter the public key from MongoDB Atlas organization Access Manager
Private Key - enter the private key from MongoDB Atlas organization Access Manager

4. Click Save to test the connection.

5. The green light in 'Status' means that MongoDB Atlas integration has been successfully added. If there is a red light, please contact

List of MongoDB Atlas Objects 

Cloudaware supports the following MongoDB Atlas objects:

Atlas API Key
Atlas Access List Entry
Atlas Alert Configuration
Atlas Cloud Backup Snapshot
Atlas Cloud Provider Access Role
Atlas Data Lake
Atlas Data Lake Private Endpoint
Atlas Database Custom Role
Atlas Database User
Atlas Database User Role Association
Atlas MongoDB Cluster
Atlas Network Peering Connection
Atlas Network Peering Container
Atlas Organization
Atlas Private Endpoint Service
Atlas Project
Atlas Serverless Instance
Atlas Shared-Tier Snapshot
Atlas Snapshot Export Bucket

Atlas API Key Project Link
Atlas AWS VPC Endpoint Link
Atlas Database User Scope Link

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