Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) let you create and manage a group of load-balanced VMs. Azure consumers that deliver services requiring high availability at scale, leverage scale sets to ensure application resiliency.

Using flexible orchestration mode, customers can add standard Azure VMs to Azure VM Scale Sets. Microsoft Azure reports such machines as a regular virtual instance and a scale set-specific instance, which leads to the creation of two instance records in the CMDB. As a result, Cloudaware users see duplicates in the section 'Related Objects' of a selected Azure VM Scale Set:

e VM Scale Set Instance

To differentiate virtual machines types for reporting, address the following fields:

  • VM Scale Set

  • VM Scale Set ID

These fields help to identify whether virtual machines were created initially as a part of the Azure VM Scale Set:

If the VM Scale Set fields are empty, the VM was originally created as a standard Azure VM and then added to a scale set.