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Spring '24 Release

Requester Pays data for AWS S3 Buckets is available in CMDB

Cloudaware extends visibility into Amazon S3 service, supporting Requester Pays feature for S3 buckets. In AWS S3, bucket owners typically incur storage and data transfer costs. Alternatively, owners can enable 'Requester Pays', shifting request and download expenses to the requesters. FinOps can determine the bucket's payer by comparing its resource ID with the AWS account IDs that access it.
Cloudaware fetches payer data from billing files to enrich S3 details in CMDB. Customers can utilize Cloudaware CMDB to review the payer information at the bucket level. More about Requester Pays for S3 buckets here.



CloudWatch Agent

The Amazon CloudWatch Agent is a lightweight and flexible monitoring agent provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows you to collect and publish system-level metrics, logs, and custom metrics from your EC2 instances to Amazon CloudWatch.

Cloudaware adds support for Amazon CloudWatch Agent to collect memory utilization data for EC2 instances. The data is available on an instance level and can be used for reports and dashboards.



AWS CloudWatch Logs



Alibaba Cloud

Oracle Cloud


Winter '24 Release


Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito helps developers add user management and sync features to mobile and web apps. Using Amazon Cognito, developers easily integrate sign-up, sign-in, and secure user access to app resources.

Cloudaware supports Amazon Cognito, allowing customers to track and report information related to identity & user pools. Customers can enable investigations in case of a security incident relating to Cognito.

AWS Verified Access

Customers leveraging AWS Verified Access can determine the usage and location of this service by examining associated trust providers, groups, instances, and endpoints

Azure Cognitive Services

Customers who use Azure Speech to Text service can now leverage the visibility of the Azure AI Account and Azure AI Deployment objects in CMDB.

Azure Policy

Cloudaware supports Azure Policy service and adds the following objects:

  • Azure Policy Definitions

  • Azure Policy Set Definitions

  • Azure Policy Assignment

  • Azure Policy Exemption

  • Azure Policy Remediation

  • Azure Policy Attestation

Azure SAML Certificates

Cloudaware adds the object Azure AD Service Principal Certificate to gather information about certificates. Customers using SAML certificates for SSO can track the expiration date of certificates and rotate them before expiry.


AWS CloudWatch Logs

Objects Delivery, Delivery Destination, Delivery Source and Destination are added. Customers can tags these objects in Cloudaware Tag Analyzer.


Tenable Security Center

Cloudaware maps vulnerabilities from Tenable Security Center to such CMDB CIs as AWS Network Interface, Azure Network Interface, and Physical Server. This enhanced visibility empowers SecOps teams to perform more focused incident response actions, improving the organization’s security. Customers can prioritize remediation efforts by leveraging relevant vulnerability context for IT assets.


Customers can view AppDynamics applications, accounts, backends, nodes, and tiers in Cloudaware CMDB. By correlating AppDynamics data to Cloudaware CMDB CIs, SecOps and SRE teams get a more in-depth understanding of the impact of technical issues. Check the setup guide here.

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