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Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud provides a flexible data platform that enables developers to build big data applications on a massive scale.


1. Generate a private and public key pair:

a. Log in to your Cloudaware account → Admin.

b. Find Oracle Cloud in the list of integrations, click +Add.

c. Click the link create a private and public key pair in the info message to get the key pair details. Set up a meaningful name and insert Tenancy OCID.

key pair details.png

Click Generate.

d. Copy the public key to the clipboard or download it.

publick key.png

Click Got it to proceed.

2. Upload a public key to a user in your Oracle console to get the User OCID, Fingerprint, and Default Region required for further setup. Learn how to upload the public key here.

Please allow some time for Oracle to process the configuration after uploading the key.

3. Create a read-only policy for the user with the following statements:

Allow group [groupName or groupOcid] read all-resources in tenancy


[groupName or groupOcid] is a placeholder for the name or ID of the group the Cloudaware user belongs to

This will allow Cloudaware to collect data from your Oracle tenancy.

Adding Oracle Cloud Tenancy

Go back to Cloudaware.

1. Select the tab 'Tenancies' in the integration setup form.

tab tenancies-1.png

Click +Add tenancy.

2. Fill out the form:

tenancy details.png


Name - insert a meaningful name
Default Region - select the region from the list
Tenancy OCID - select the tenancy OCID from the list
Key Pair - select the key pair from the list
User OCID - insert the OCID of the user you uploaded the key to in Oracle
Fingerprint - insert the fingerprint of the key that was added

Click Save.

3. The green light in 'Status' means that the integration has been successfully configured. If there is a red light, please contact

green light.png

List of Oracle Cloud Objects

Cloudaware supports the following Oracle Cloud objects:

Oracle IAAS Instance
Oracle Region
Oracle Tenancy
Oracle Tenancy Region Subscription

to be added:

Oracle IAAS Compute Capacity Reservation
Oracle IAAS Dedicated VM Host
Oracle IAAS IP v6
Oracle IAAS Private IP
Oracle IAAS Public IP
Oracle IAAS Subnet
Oracle IAAS Shape
Oracle IAAS Volume

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