This instruction is applicable to Kubernetes clusters running in EKS (Linux only!). The other integrations are on the roadmap.

Breeze Agent Setup

1. Download the Breeze agent. Log in to Cloudaware account → Admin → Breeze → 1 Configured → Linux* Agent version.

*This integration is for Linux only.

2. Clone or download the breeze-tools repository:

# git clone

3. Change the working directory to kubernetes, put archive with Breeze agent installer and then extract it:

# cd breeze-tools/kubernetes/
# cp /path/to/agent/distro/breeze-agent.x86_64.linux.tgz .
# tar xf breeze-agent.x86_64.linux.tgz

4. Build docker images:

# docker build -t breeze-agent-init -f Dockerfile.breeze-agent-init .
# docker build -t breeze-agent -f Dockerfile.breeze-agent .

In order to check if images have been generated, the following command can be used:

# docker images "breeze*"

5. Create two repositories named ‘breeze-agent' and 'breeze-agent-init’ in the private Docker registry.

6. Push the created images to the PRIVATE Docker container registry:

# docker tag breeze-agent-init:latest CONTAINER_REGISTRY_URI/breeze-agent-init:latest
# docker push breeze-agent-init:latest CONTAINER_REGISTRY_URI/breeze-agent-init:latest
# docker tag breeze-agent:latest CONTAINER_REGISTRY_URI/breeze-agent:latest
# docker push breeze-agent:latest CONTAINER_REGISTRY_URI/breeze-agent:latest

- where CONTAINER_REGISTRY_URI - the fully qualified path to the private registry with the repositories

7. Open file breeze-agent-deployment-eks.yaml (for EKS) or breeze-agent-deployment-aks.yaml (for AKS) in the text editor and replace the following placeholders with proper values:

CONTAINER_REGISTRY_URI - same as in the previous step
IMAGE_PULL_SECRET_NAME - name of the Kubernetes secret containing auth data of the private registry

8. Apply the configuration:

# kubectl create -f breeze-agent-deployment-eks.yaml

Integration Status Check

Once Breeze is installed, Cloudaware automatically enables TunHub Gateway for a secure connection with Kubernetes which may be running in a private network.

Go to Admin → Clouds & Integrations → TunHub. Ensure that the TunHub connection has been created and has a green status. 

Please allow 1 hour for the data to load into Cloudaware.