Cloudaware can provide you with a PagerDuty account as part of Cloudaware subscription. Please contact your dedicated account manager or for the details and pricing.


Cloudaware supports bi-directional integration with PagerDuty: 

  • PagerDuty acts as a source of data for CMDB, whereby Cloudaware can discover incidents, services, users and other PagerDuty objects (PagerDuty Accounts

  • PagerDuty acts as a system of actions where Cloudaware can create and update incidents based on certain criteria met (PagerDuty Notification)

Use cases

Security and compliance


  • Security violations to be escalated to the Security team

  • Encryption related violation to be escalated to Security team

  • CIS Compliance violations to be escalated to networking or operations team

  • Available critical patch vulnerabilities to be escalated to networking team

  • HIDS are not active on Production instances

  • Security related upgradable patches older than 30 days

  • Critical vulnerability scans on production instances

  • New publicly accessible S3 bucket

  • User without MFA

  • Overutilized resources 

  • Scheduled AWS instance and volume maintenance notifications

  • Missing backups or monitoring on production environment

  • Cloud accounts removal request 

  • New resource spun up without required tag


  • Billing anomalies to be escalated 

  • MTD Spend reached 75% of Last Month Spend

  • Unused instance Reservation 

  • Idling and underutilized resources alerts

  • Cost per transaction for S3 buckets higher than defined threshold