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Network Discovery

Network Discovery is a Cloudaware integration that allows for the discovery of SNMP- and IP-based devices connected to an internal customer network.


Cloudaware Breeze Agent must be deployed on a server that has access to the internal enterprise network.

Adding Network Segment (subnet)

  1. Log in to your Cloudaware account → Admin.

  2. Find Network Discovery in the list of integrations, click +Add.

  3. To add a network segment (subnet), fill out the form:


Name - set up a name for the integration
Breeze agent - select the server with Cloudaware Breeze agent installed from the list
Subnet - insert IP address(es) of the subnet(s) in the format (these will be displayed as network segments)
SNMP profiles - leave as ‘None selected’ for initial setup
Vulnerability Scanning - check the box to enable Cloudaware vulnerability scanning for discovered network devices

Click Save.

4. The green light in 'Status' for the network segment means that the integration has been successfully configured. If there is a red light, please contact

5. For discovery of SNMP-enabled devices (optional), set up SNMP profiles. Select the tab ‘SNMP Profile’ → Add Integration. Fill out the form:


Name - set up a meaningful name to distinguish the SNMP profile
Version - select SNMP version*
Port (optional) - insert the port where SNMP is set up
Community - insert SNMP community

*In case of using SNMPv3, insert values for User and Password and select Security Level, Authentication Protocol, Encryption Algorithm, and Encryption Password.

Click Save.

6. Once the integration is added, go to Cloudaware CMDB Navigator to view the network devices data collected under the tab 'Network Discovery'.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

Cloudaware provides vulnerability scanning for discovered network devices.

To enable vulnerability scanning, check the box 'Vulnerability Scanning' when adding a Network Discovery segment or edit the integration settings (select the integration in the list, click tree dots → Edit, and check the box).

Scan results are available on network devices' records in Cloudaware CMDB:

List of Network Discovery Objects

Cloudaware supports the following network objects:

Network Device

Network Device Interface

Network Segment

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