CloudAware Applications support auto-attachment processes that enable automatic attachment of objects to Cloudaware applications and improve asset management.


Cloudaware application auto-attachment rules are based on Salesforce Workflow Rule functionality. A workflow rule is like an IF/THEN statement. IF part of the statement is called criteria, THEN part of the statement is called actions. For example, the simplest of workflows will check for a specific value on an object and then update the 'Application Tier Client Name' field with a particular value. The value should be set to the application tier's name.

Note that 'Application Tier Client Name' consists of 2 parts: Application name and Application Tier name for example: AWS - Production (see the example below).

Create Auto-Attachment Workflow Rule

1. From your Cloudaware account open a main menu under your username.

2. Go to Setup → Workflow & Approvals → Workflow Rules → New Rule.

3. Select the object to which this workflow rule applies. e.g. AWS EC2 Instance. Click Next.

4. Add Rule Name (1), set Evaluation Criteria(2) and Rule Criteria(3) to trigger your workflow rule. Add Filter Logic if necessary.

Click Save & Next.

4. Add Workflow Action → New Field Update.

5. Give this workflow acton a name. Select AWS EC2 Instance: Application Tier Client Name as a field to update.

6. Select a radio button Use a formula to set the new value. Enter the formula "Application Name" & " - " & "Application Tier Name". Click Save.

7. Review the workflow rule details. Click Done.

6. Click Activate to activate your workflow.

Objects will be automatically attached to the appropriate application within 1 hour.

Attachment Logic Examples

  • if Name starts with prod, set Tier Name to "The Application - The Tier"

  • if tag:Customer equals CustomerA, set Tier Name to "The Customer App - The Tier"

  • if tag:Application is not empty and tag:Tier is not empty, set Tier Name to tag:Application+" - "+tag:Tier

Customers can create even more complicated auto-attachment rules combining workflow rules with formula fields or even updating them via API from an external system. Almost any complex object classification logic is possible using workflows and formulas.

Object Re-Attachment After Application Tier Client Name Change

If the Application Tier Client Name is changed, objects will be re-attached in 1 hour. However, delays are possible if a customer doesn't log in to their Cloudaware account for some time.