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SFDC Trailhead Modules For Training

This article contains references to Trailhead, Salesforce's learning experience platform, and Salesforce documentation in order to provide necessary information on the skills required to use more efficiently the platform which Cloudaware is built on.

Data Modeling

Standard and Custom objects

Relationships Between Objects


Data Management

Import Data

Export Data

User Management

Users setup (add a user, control access)

Understanding permissions and profiles

Data Security

Choose right security settings

Security Models

Control access to data (objects, fields, records), role hierarchy and sharing rules

Session-based permissions sets

Auditing (record modification fields, Login History, Field History Tracking, Setup Audit Trail)


Workflow Rules

Process Builder

From Workflow Rule to Process Builder

Approval Process

Flow Builder

Cases and Escalation Rules

Working with Data

List views



Reports and Dashboards 



Einstein Analytics Dashboards

Wave Dashboard Designer Basics

Advanced Einstein Analytics Module


Lightning platform APIs

Apex and Visualforce

Apex Metadata API + guide:

REST API + guide

SOAP API + guide

Bulk API + guide

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