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Dynatrace is a software intelligence platform that helps organizations monitor, optimize, and manage the performance of their applications and infrastructure.

Cloudaware Dynatrace integration provides the following features and benefits to a customer:

Software Asset Management

Cloudaware Breeze agent is able to discover the presence of the Dynatrace agent and interrogate its version and state. Using this capability, customers can track Dynatrace adoption, identify unmonitored hosts, and obtain an inventory of software versions across their infrastructure. 

Automated Software Deployment

Cloudaware Breeze agent can deploy Dynatrace agent to customer-defined target scope based on cloud provider ID, tags, or other attributes. Breeze plugin will then install, configure, and register the Dynatrace agent with the collector. Learn more about other Breeze plugins here.

Capacity Management and Rightsizing

Cloudaware can leverage telemetry from Dynatrace to improve capacity planning reports and to make better rightsizing recommendations based on infrastructure utilization data available from Dynatrace.

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