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Diff Utility

Diff Utility, a native feature of Cloudaware Compliance Engine, compares results of deployed policies that have a common Input Object type and allows to overview differences in Status values of Output Objects.

1. Log in to Cloudaware account → Compliance Engine in the main menu under your username.

2. Select a custom policy that has policy revisions deployed. Select Editor on the left → Code.

3. Click Dry RunDiff Utility under 'Compare Policy Output'.

4. Click Run Diff.

The latest version of a selected policy must be deployed. Execution of Compliance Engine Policy Difference creates temporary fields on Input SObject Type. All fields created for previous Policy Differences will be deleted.

5. Policies may not run simultaneously if executed at once. Please wait until both policies are run.

A launch of policies in Policy Difference might trigger Workflow Rules, Process Builders and Triggers that exist for Output SObject Type.

6. Running Diff Utility generates a list view demonstrating the difference in policy violations.

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