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Compliance Engine


Compliance Engine (CE) provides automation to analyze and rectify your cloud infrastructure using the rules and actions you define. CE leverages CMDB to evaluate all infrastructure resources across all clouds. CMDB is used to gather cloud operations, identify risks, and take action — again, according to the policies and rules you define — to alert, mitigate, or remediate problems.


  • Out-of-the-box CIS Benchmarks for AWS, Azure and GCP

  • 550+ custom policies engineered for checking security, reliability and performance efficiency and optimizing spendings

  • Policies can make evaluations based on any data in CMDB

  • Develop custom policies using standard Salesforce programming language

  • Advanced exception handling process

  • Integrations with ticketing systems like Jira, ServiceNow and ServiceDesk

  • Violation routing and escalation workflows


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