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Cost Management - Requirements

Amazon AWS


Ensure that you have set up your AWS Detailed Billing integration checking the guide


1. Ensure AWS Cost and Usage Reports are configured in your AWS account checking AWS documentation.

2. Ensure you have added S3 bucket that stores CUR to Cloudaware. Add cur:DescribeReportDefinitions permission to the Cloudaware IAM policy (check Cloudaware Admin → AWS accounts → select the account → three dots → Show Collector IAM policies).

Cost Explorer

Ensure that you have enabled Cost Explorer checking AWS documentation.

Microsoft Azure

1. Ensure you are Azure Enterprise Portal customer and have access to a detailed billing data before adding the Azure Billing integration to Cloudaware.

2. Ensure that you have set up your Azure Billing integration checking the guide.

Google Cloud

1. Ensure that you have set up your Google Project billing integration checking the guide.

2. Ensure that tagging is in place. To see cost on an instance level for GCE instances, every instance should have a tag, e.g. “instance-name: actual-name-of-this-instance” since Google Cloud Platform does not provide the cost data split by instance out-of-the-box. 

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