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CloudAware Policy Violation

CloudAware Policy Violation is treated as an object in Cloudaware, thus you can build reports & dashboards and create workflows that will send alerts in Slack, Jira, etc against it. Policy violations are stored as objects related to a Compliance Engine policy.


Open the tab 'Output Objects' under the section SETUP on the left to review Compliance Engine Policy attributes.

The checkbox 'Lookup Field' shows whether an output object has a lookup to the object CloudAware Policy. 

The checkbox 'Output Fields Mapping Class' shows whether a specific class required for correct mapping is present. If present, this class will be used automatically when a policy is deployed and run. To request a class for a new output object type, please contact Cloudaware at

The marks in 'Status' indicate whether an object is available for being used as output.

CloudAware Policy Violation Lifecycle

A policy violation is created every time the object is identified by the Compliance Engine policy as incompliant. Once a policy-violating object is fixed, a policy violation gets "Close Date" and is considered to be closed. 

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