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Cloudaware-Device42: Azure Resources

Azure Objects Cloudaware Discovers

Azure Objects Device42 Discovers

Azure AKS Cluster

AKS Cluster

Azure AKS Cluster Agent Pool Profile

Azure AKS Cluster Config Map

Azure AKS Cluster Daemon Set

Azure AKS Cluster Deployment

Azure AKS Cluster Endpoint

Azure AKS Cluster HPA

Azure AKS Cluster Ingress

Azure AKS Cluster Limit Range

Azure AKS Cluster Namespace

Azure AKS Cluster Network Policy

Azure AKS Cluster Network Policy Rule

Azure AKS Cluster Node

AKS Node

Azure AKS Cluster Node Address

Azure AKS Cluster Node Condition

Azure AKS Cluster Pod

Azure AKS Cluster Pod Container

Azure AKS Cluster Pod Disruption Budget

Azure AKS Cluster Public IP Address Link

Azure AKS Cluster Public IP Prefix Link

Azure AKS Cluster Replica Set

Azure AKS Cluster Resource Quota

Azure AKS Cluster Role

Azure AKS Cluster Role Binding

Azure AKS Cluster Secret

Azure AKS Cluster Service

Azure AKS Cluster Service Account

Azure AKS Cluster Service Account Secret

Azure AKS Cluster Stateful Set

Azure Action Group

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Application

Azure Active Directory Application Key

Azure Active Directory Devices

Intune Device

Azure Active Directory Device Configs

Azure Active Directory Device Facts

Azure Active Directory Device MountPoint

Azure Active Directory Domain

Azure Active Directory Group

Azure Active Directory Group Member

Azure Active Directory Role

Azure Active Directory Role Member

Azure Active Directory Service Principal

Azure Active Directory User

Azure Activity Log Alert

Azure Activity Log Alert Action Gr Link

Azure Activity Log Alert Resource Link

Azure Advisor Recommendation

Azure Alert Rule

Azure Alerts Smart Group

Azure Alerts Smart Group Res Group Link

Azure Alerts Smart Group Resource Link

Azure Analysis Services Server

Azure Analysis Services Server Admin

Azure App Service

Azure App Service Backup

Azure App Service Certificate

Azure App Service Connection Gateway

Azure App Service Deployment

Azure App Service Domain

Azure App Service Environment

Azure App Service Environment Capacity

Azure App Service Function


Azure App Service Host Name SSL State

Azure App Service Plan

Azure App Service Restriction Rule

Azure AppService ConnectionGateway Admin

Azure Application Gateway

Azure Application Gateway BE Addr Pool

Azure Application Gateway BE HTTP Sett

Azure Application Gateway BE IP Cfg Link

Azure Application Gateway Backend Health

Azure Application Gateway FE IP Cfg

Azure Application Gateway Frontend Port

Azure Application Gateway HTTP Listener

Azure Application Gateway IP Cfg

Azure Application Gateway Path Rule

Azure Application Gateway Probe

Azure Application Gateway Req Rout Rule

Azure Application Gateway URL Path Map

Azure Application Insights Component

Azure Application Insights Web Test

Azure Attack Surface Row

Azure Authorization Policy Assignment

Azure Authorization Role

Azure Authorization Role Assignment

Azure Automation Account

Azure Automation Runbook

Azure Autoscale Notification

Azure Autoscale Profile

Azure Autoscale Profile Scale Rule

Azure Autoscale Setting

Azure Availability Set

Azure Container Registries Image

Azure Container Registries Registry

Azure Container Registries Repository

Azure Container Registries Usage

Azure Container Registries Webhook

Azure Container Service

Azure Container Service Agent Pool

Azure Cosmos DB Account

Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB Location

Azure Cosmos DB Resource

Azure DNS Record Set

Azure DNS Zone

Azure Data Factory Data Flow

Azure Data Factory Data Flow Transformat

Azure Data Factory Dataset

Azure Data Factory Factory

Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime

Azure Data Factory Linked Service

Azure Data Factory Managed Priv Endpoint

Azure Data Factory Managed Virt Network

Azure Data Factory Pipeline

Azure Data Factory Trigger

Azure Data Factory Trigger Pipeline Link

Azure Diagnostic Setting

Azure Event Hubs Consumer Group

Azure Event Hubs Event Hub

Azure Event Hubs Namespace

Azure Event Hubs Shared Access Policy

Azure Express Route Circuit

Azure Express Route Circuit Auth

Azure Express Route Circuit Peering

Azure Express Route Filter

Azure Express Route Filter Rule

Azure HDInsight Cluster

Azure HDInsight Cluster Endpoint

Azure HDInsight Cluster Role

Azure Image

Azure Image Disk Link

Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub Endpoint

Azure IoT Hub IP Filter

Azure IoT Hub Job

Azure IoT Hub Route

Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault Key

Azure Key Vault Secret

Azure Load Balancer

Load Balancer

Azure Load Balancer Backend IP Cfg Link

Azure Load Balancer Backend Pool

Azure Load Balancer Frontend IP Config

Azure Load Balancer Inbound NAT Pool

Azure Load Balancer Inbound NAT Rule

Azure Load Balancer Outbound Rule

Azure Load Balancer Probe

Azure Load Balancing Rule

Azure Local Network Gateway

Azure Log Analytics Cluster

Azure Log Analytics Cluster Workspace

Azure Log Analytics Linked Service

Azure Log Analytics Saved Search

Azure Log Analytics Scoped Resource Link

Azure Log Analytics Storage Insight

Azure Log Analytics Table

Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Azure Log Profile

Azure Managed Disk

Azure MariaDB Database

Azure DB for MariaDB

Azure MariaDB Firewall Rule

Azure MariaDB Server

Azure MariaDB Virtual Network Rule

Azure MySQL Database

Azure DB for MySQL

Azure MySQL Server

Azure Network Interface

Azure Network Interface IP Configuration

Azure Network Security Group

Networks (as VRF Groups)

Azure Network Security Group Rule

Azure Network Subnet


Azure Network Watcher

Azure Notification Hub Namespace

Azure Notification Hub Notification Hub

Azure PostgreSQL Database

Azure DB for Postgres

Azure PostgreSQL Server

Azure Public IP Address

Azure Public IP Prefix

Azure Recovery Service Backup Item

Azure Recovery Service Backup Policy

Azure Recovery Service Vault

Azure Redis Cache

Azure Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Azure Regulatory Compliance Control

Azure Regulatory Compliance Standard

Azure Reservation

Azure Reservation Applied Reservation

Azure Reservation Coverage

Azure Reservation Order

Azure Reservation Subscription Link

Azure Reservation Utilization

Azure Resource

Azure Resource Group

Azure Resource Management Lock

Azure Route

Azure Route Table

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Elastic Pool

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Managed SQL Server

Azure SQL Managed Instance Database

DB Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance Pool

Azure SQL Server

Azure SQL Server

Azure SQL Virtual Machine


Azure SSH Public Key

Azure Scheduled Query Rule

Azure Security Alert

Azure Security Compliance

Azure Security Policy

Azure Service Bus Namespace

Azure Service Bus Queue

Azure Service Bus Shared Access Policy

Azure Service Bus Subscription

Azure Service Bus Topic

Azure Service Fabric Cluster

Azure Service Fabric Cluster Node Type

Azure Snapshot

Azure Storage Account

Azure Storage Account Replication Policy

Azure Storage Account Replication Rule

Azure Storage Account Virtual Net Rule

Azure Storage Blob Container

Azure Storage Table

Azure Storage VHD

Azure Subscription

Azure Subscription Quotas

Azure Traffic Manager Endpoint

Azure Traffic Manager Profile

Azure VM Scale Set

Azure VM Scale Set AG BE Addr Pool Link

Azure VM Scale Set Blob Container Link

Azure VM Scale Set Inst Net Int IP Conf

Azure VM Scale Set Instance

Azure VM Scale Set Instance Fact

Azure VM Scale Set Instance Mount Point

Azure VM Scale Set Instance Network Int

Azure VM Scale Set Instance Public IP

Azure VM Scale Set LB Backend Pool Link

Azure VM Scale Set LB InNAT Pool Link

Azure Virtual Machine


Azure Virtual Machine Disk

Azure Virtual Machine Extension

Azure Virtual Machine Fact

Azure Virtual Machine Mount Point

Azure Virtual Network

Azure Virtual Network Gateway

Azure Virtual Network Gateway Connect

Azure Virtual Network Gateway IP Config

Azure Virtual Network Peering

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