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Cloudaware CMDB Acting As A Node Classifier To Ansible

Cloudaware CMDB can act as a node classifier and return classification data to Ansible. The features that make Cloudaware a more transparent source of configuration data are:

  • Field and Record Level Security

  • Change Tracking

  • Approval Workflows

Customers can retrieve reference configuration data from CMDB instead of Ansible. In this example we use CLI for this purpose.



$force login -u $user -p $password > /dev/null 2>&1
if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
  curvalue=`grep 'app_version' /tmp/ansible-config.conf|awk -F= '{print $2}'|tr -d ' '`
  $force query select Approved_Value__c, Force_Compliance__c from Acme_Cluster_ITIL_CI__c|head -n2|tail -n1|tr -d \" > /etc/ansible/temp/cademo_last_value
  $force record update Acme_Cluster_ITIL_CI__c a9Z36000000GzJ7EAK Reported_Value__c:$curvalue > /dev/null 2>&1
  $force logout > /dev/null 2>&1
  value=`awk -F, '{print $1}' /etc/ansible/temp/cademo_last_value`
  compliance=`awk -F, '{print $2}' /etc/ansible/temp/cademo_last_value`
  if [[ $compliance == true ]]; then
    echo "$value","$compliance"
    value=`grep 'app_version' /tmp/ansible-config.conf|awk -F= '{print $2}'|tr -d ' '`
    echo "$value","$compliance"
  echo "Cannot login to Salesforce."

Change Tracking Of Parameters

In Cloudaware, you can set up Field History Tracking to keep track of changes.

Approval Workflows

Using workflows functionality in Cloudaware, any change in parameters can be sent for your or a person in charge's approval:

Read more about creating approval processes here.

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