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Breeze - FAQ

Question: Does the agent need 'root' access?
Answer: No, read only, It is a scheduled task running every 15 mins. All the plugins Breeze uses are cryptographically signed.

Question: Is it secure? Where data is sent to?
Answer: All your infrastructure is hosted by

Question: I installed Breeze on my instances but don't see the data in CMDB yet. How long it may take?
Answer: Initial import of data can take up to several hours.

Question: Do you update Breeze?
Answer: Yes, two cases: 1) planned roll-out you will be notified about 2) if you request an additional functionality.

Question: Can I specify what plugins the Breeze agent runs?
Answer: Sure. Nothing but the approved plugins will be executed on a machine.

Question: Do I need to re-install Breeze if I need to refresh a couple my instances with the image of one of the existing ones?
Answer: No, you can bake the Breeze agent into this AMI so that you don’t need to install it from scratch on an instance you will spin.

Question: Can the agent be installed on a physical (on-prem) server?
Answer: Yes, but the machine should have outbound access to Breeze server. In order to connect to anything internal such as vCenter or AD or SCCM, Breeze agent acts as a local collector and then transmits the data into CMDB.

Question: As MSP, we would like to have ours and the customer’s environments split in Cloudaware. Is it possible?
Answer: Yes, each Breeze agent is associated with different set of credentials.

Question: How much traffic does Breeze generate?
Answer: It depends on the amount of data collected by Breeze agent from the host. On average, every Breeze report takes 50 KB. Since Breeze runs every 15 minutes, it will generate about 4.8 MB of traffic per 24 hours.

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