Cloudaware CMDB Navigator is powerful navigation and search tool designed for accessing data within Cloudaware CMDB.

Cloudaware CMDB Navigator 2.0 has the following sections:

Home Page

The Home page has an eagle eye on your digital infrastructure:

  • Comprehensive sorting for cloud platforms, physical infrastructure, third-party integrations, Cloudaware items and custom objects

  • Alphabetical order for cloud platforms, categories, services and objects


The Navigator has a well-structured sidebar for easier navigation across cloud platforms, product categories and products:

The Search bar allows search by keywords within AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, vCenter, and other enabled integrations:


The section 'Cloudaware' provides access to Cloudaware-specific and unclassified objects such as:

  • Cloudaware Virtual Applications

  • Classic Infrastructure (Physical Servers, Physical Server Facts, Physical Server Mount Points, SNMP Devices, SNMP Device Network Interfaces)

  • Compliance & Security (ALAS, ALAS CVEs, Incidents, Policies, Policy Violations, Vulnerability Scans)

  • Referenced Objects (Breeze Agents, CIDR, CVEs, Docker Images, SSL Certificates)

Custom Objects

The section 'Custom Objects' is available on the Home page to access custom objects created by Cloudaware for a customer or by a customer themselves.


The section 'Recent' is to access items you use the most (shortcuts to access specific information are available).