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Supported Objects

Active Directory
Active Directory Computer
Active Directory Group
Active Directory Group Link
Active Directory Group Policy
Active Directory Organizational Unit
Active Directory User
AWS Account
AWS Account Availability Zone
AWS Account Limits
AWS Account Region
AWS ACM Certificate
AWS ACM Certificate Domain Validation
AWS ACM Certificate Resource Link
AWS API Gateway API Endpoint Link
AWS API Gateway API Key
AWS API Gateway Authorizer
AWS API Gateway Client Certificate
AWS API Gateway Deployment
AWS API Gateway Documentation Part
AWS API Gateway Domain Endpoint Link
AWS API Gateway Domain Name
AWS API Gateway Integration
AWS API Gateway Method
AWS API Gateway Model
AWS API Gateway Resource
AWS API Gateway Route
AWS API Gateway Stage
AWS API Gateway Usage Plan
AWS API Gateway Usage Plan Key
AWS API Gateway VPC Link
AWS API Gateway VPC Link NLB Link
AWS API Gateway VPC Link SG Link
AWS API Gateway VPC Link Subnet Link
AWS App AutoScaling Scalable Target
AWS App AutoScaling Scaling Policy
AWS App AutoScaling Scaling Policy Alarm
AWS App AutoScaling Scheduled Action
AWS App Mesh
AWS App Mesh Route
AWS App Mesh Route Target
AWS App Mesh Virtual Node
AWS App Mesh Virtual Router
AWS App Mesh Virtual Service
AWS AppStream Fleet
AWS AppStream Fleet Security Group Link
AWS AppStream Fleet Subnet Link
AWS AppStream Image
AWS AppStream Image Application
AWS AppStream Image Builder
AWS AppStream Image Builder Error
AWS AppStream Image Builder SG Link
AWS AppStream Image Builder Subnet Link
AWS AppStream Stack
AWS AppStream Stack Storage Connector
AWS Athena Named Query
AWS Athena Work Group
AWS AutoScaling Scaling Instruction
AWS AutoScaling Scaling Plan
AWS AutoScaling Scaling Plan Resource
AWS AutoScaling Scaling Policy
AWS AutoScaling Target Tracking Config
AWS Availability Zone
AWS Backup Backup Plan
AWS Backup Backup Plan Version
AWS Backup Backup Rule
AWS Backup Backup Rule Copy Action
AWS Backup Backup Selection
AWS Backup Backup Selection Tag
AWS Backup Backup Vault
AWS Backup Job
AWS Backup Recovery Point
AWS Backup Selection Resource Link
AWS Batch Compute Environment
AWS Batch Job
AWS Batch Job Definition
AWS Batch Job Queue
AWS Budget
AWS Budget Notification
AWS Budget Period
AWS CloudFormation Extension
AWS CloudFormation Publisher
AWS CloudFormation Stack
AWS CloudFormation Stack Resource (New)
AWS CloudFormation Stack Resource Drift
AWS CloudFormation Stack Set
AWS CloudFormation Stack Set Instance
AWS CloudFormation Stack Set Operation
AWS CloudFront Cache Behavior
AWS CloudFront Content Type Profile
AWS CloudFront Custom Error Response
AWS CloudFront Distribution
AWS CloudFront Encryption Entity
AWS CloudFront FieldLevelEncrypt Config
AWS CloudFront FieldLevelEncrypt Profile
AWS CloudFront Lambda Func Association
AWS CloudFront Origin
AWS CloudFront Origin Access Identity
AWS CloudFront Public Key
AWS CloudFront Query Arg Profile
AWS CloudFront Signer
AWS CloudHSM Backup
AWS CloudHSM Cluster
AWS CloudHSM Cluster Subnet Link
AWS CloudMap Instance
AWS CloudMap Namespace
AWS CloudMap Service
AWS CloudSearch Analysis Scheme
AWS CloudSearch Domain
AWS CloudSearch Expression
AWS CloudSearch Index Field
AWS CloudSearch Suggester
AWS CloudTrail Trail
AWS CloudWatch Logs Delivery
AWS CloudWatch Logs Delivery Dstn
AWS CloudWatch Logs Delivery Source
AWS CloudWatch Logs Destination
AWS CloudWatch Logs Log Group
AWS CloudWatch Logs Metric Filter
AWS CloudWatch Logs Subscription Filter
AWS CloudWatch Metric Alarm
AWS CloudWatch Metric Alarm Action
AWS CodeBuild Build
AWS CodeBuild Project
AWS CodeCommit Branch
AWS CodeCommit Repository
AWS CodeCommit Repository Trigger
AWS CodeDeploy Application
AWS CodeDeploy Application Revision
AWS CodeDeploy Deployment
AWS CodeDeploy Deployment Configuration
AWS CodeDeploy Deployment Group
AWS CodeDeploy Deployment Target
AWS CodeDeploy On-Premises Instance
AWS CodePipeline Action
AWS CodePipeline Pipeline
AWS CodePipeline Pipeline Execution
AWS CodePipeline Stage
AWS CodeStar Project
AWS CodeStar Resource
AWS CodeStar Team Member
AWS CodeStar User Profile
AWS Cognito ID Pool Open Connect Link
AWS Cognito ID Pool SAML Provider Link
AWS Cognito Identity Pool
AWS Cognito Identity Pool Provider
AWS Cognito User Pool
AWS Cognito User Pool Client
AWS Cognito User Pool Group
AWS Cognito User Pool Identity Provider
AWS Cognito User Pool Resource Server
AWS Comprehend Document Classifier
AWS Comprehend Document Classifier SG
AWS Comprehend Document Classifier Subne
AWS Comprehend Endpoint
AWS Comprehend Entity Recognizer
AWS Comprehend Entity Recognizer SG
AWS Comprehend Entity Recognizer Subnet
AWS Config Delivery Channel
AWS Config Recorder
AWS Config Rule
AWS Config Rule Resource Compliance
AWS Connect Agent Status
AWS Connect Contact Flow
AWS Connect Contact Flow Module
AWS Connect Customer Integration
AWS Connect Customer Object Type
AWS Connect Customer Profiles Domain
AWS Connect Customer Profiles Job
AWS Connect Customer Profiles Workflow
AWS Connect Customer Template
AWS Connect Hours Of Operation
AWS Connect Instance
AWS Connect Instance LambdaFunction Link
AWS Connect Instance Storage Config
AWS Connect Integration Association
AWS Connect Lex Bot
AWS Connect Outbound Campaigns Campaign
AWS Connect Phone Number
AWS Connect Queue
AWS Connect Quick Connect
AWS Connect Routing Profile
AWS Connect Rule
AWS Connect Security Profile
AWS Connect Task Template
AWS Connect Traffic Distribution Group
AWS Connect User
AWS Connect User Hierarchy Group
AWS Connect User Security Profile Link
AWS CostExplorer Reservation Coverage
AWS CostExplorer Reservation Utilization
AWS CostExplorer SavingsPlan Utilization
AWS Data Pipeline Pipeline
AWS Data Sync Agent
AWS Data Sync Agent Security Group Link
AWS Data Sync Agent VPC Subnet Link
AWS Data Sync Location
AWS Data Sync Location Agent Link
AWS Data Sync Task
AWS DataSync Task Network Interface Link
AWS DAX Cluster
AWS DAX Cluster EC2 Security Group Link
AWS DAX Subnet Group
AWS DAX Subnet Group EC2 Subnet Link
AWS Direct Connect Connection
AWS Direct Connect Gateway
AWS Direct Connect Gateway Association
AWS Direct Connect Gateway Attachment
AWS Direct Connect LAG
AWS Direct Connect Location
AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interface
AWS Directory
AWS Directory Conditional Forwarder
AWS Directory Event Topic
AWS Directory IP Route
AWS Directory Limits
AWS Directory Schema Extension
AWS Directory Snapshot
AWS Directory Trust
AWS DMS Certificate
AWS DMS Connection
AWS DMS Endpoint
AWS DMS Migration Task
AWS DMS Replication Instance
AWS DMS Replication Instance SG Link
AWS DMS Subnet Group
AWS DMS Subnet Group Subnet Link
AWS DynamoDB Backup
AWS DynamoDB Export
AWS DynamoDB Global Secondary Index
AWS DynamoDB Global Table
AWS DynamoDB Global Table Table Link
AWS DynamoDB Local Secondary Index
AWS DynamoDB Stream
AWS DynamoDB Stream Shard
AWS DynamoDB Table
AWS EBS Snapshot
AWS EBS Volume
AWS EBS Volume Status Event
AWS EC2 Attack Surface Row
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group ELB Link
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group ELB TG Link
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group Instance Link
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Group Tfc.Src.Link
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hook
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Notification
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Policy
AWS EC2 Auto Scaling Scheduled Action
AWS EC2 Capacity Reservation
AWS EC2 DHCP Options
AWS EC2 Elastic IP
AWS EC2 Image
AWS EC2 Image Snapshot Link
AWS EC2 Instance
AWS EC2 Instance Fact
AWS EC2 Instance Mount Point
AWS EC2 Instance SG Link
AWS EC2 Instance SSL Certificate
AWS EC2 Instance Status Event
AWS EC2 Instance Volume Link
AWS EC2 Key Pair
AWS EC2 Launch Configuration
AWS EC2 Launch Configuration SG Link
AWS EC2 Launch Template
AWS EC2 Launch Template License Link
AWS EC2 Launch Template SG Link
AWS EC2 Launch Template Version
AWS EC2 Network Interface
AWS EC2 Network Interface Private IP
AWS EC2 Network Interface SG Link
AWS EC2 Placement Group
AWS EC2 Reserved Instances
AWS EC2 Security Group
AWS EC2 Security Group Rule
AWS EC2 Spot Fleet Req ELB Link
AWS EC2 Spot Fleet Req ELB TG Link
AWS EC2 Spot Fleet Req Launch Tpl Link
AWS EC2 Spot Fleet Request
AWS EC2 Spot Instance Request
AWS EC2 Spot Instance Request SG Link
AWS ECR Registry
AWS ECR Repository
AWS ECS Cluster
AWS ECS Container
AWS ECS Container Definition
AWS ECS Container Instance
AWS ECS Container Override
AWS ECS Service
AWS ECS Service Deployment
AWS ECS Service Deployment SG Link
AWS ECS Service Deployment Subnet Link
AWS ECS Service ELB Target Group Link
AWS ECS Service Load Balancer Link
AWS ECS Service SG Link
AWS ECS Service Subnet Link
AWS ECS Task Definition
AWS ECS Task Set
AWS ECS Task Set Load Balancer Link
AWS ECS Task Set SG Link
AWS ECS Task Set Subnet Link
AWS EFS File System
AWS EFS Mount Target
AWS EFS Mount Target SG Link
AWS EKS Cluster
AWS EKS Cluster Config Map
AWS EKS Cluster Daemon Set
AWS EKS Cluster Deployment
AWS EKS Cluster Endpoint
AWS EKS Cluster Fact
AWS EKS Cluster Fargate Profile
AWS EKS Cluster Fargate Profile Subnet
AWS EKS Cluster Ingress
AWS EKS Cluster Limit Range
AWS EKS Cluster Namespace
AWS EKS Cluster Network Policy
AWS EKS Cluster Network Policy Rule
AWS EKS Cluster Node
AWS EKS Cluster Node Address
AWS EKS Cluster Node Condition
AWS EKS Cluster Node Group
AWS EKS Cluster Node Group Subnet Link
AWS EKS Cluster Pod
AWS EKS Cluster Pod Container
AWS EKS Cluster Pod Disruption Budget
AWS EKS Cluster Replica Set
AWS EKS Cluster Resource Quota
AWS EKS Cluster Role
AWS EKS Cluster Role Binding
AWS EKS Cluster Secret
AWS EKS Cluster Security Group Link
AWS EKS Cluster Service
AWS EKS Cluster Service Account
AWS EKS Cluster Service Account Secret
AWS EKS Cluster Stateful Set
AWS EKS Cluster Storage Class
AWS EKS Cluster Subnet Link
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application Templ.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application Ver.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Configuration Set.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment Res.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Event
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Platform
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Platform Cust. Img
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Solution Stack
AWS Elastic Transcoder Job
AWS Elastic Transcoder Pipeline
AWS ElastiCache Cluster
AWS ElastiCache Cluster Snapshot
AWS ElastiCache Cluster VPC SG Link
AWS ElastiCache Event
AWS ElastiCache Node
AWS ElastiCache Node Group
AWS ElastiCache Node Snapshot
AWS ElastiCache Parameter Group
AWS ElastiCache Replication Group
AWS ElastiCache Reserved Node
AWS ElastiCache Security Group
AWS ElastiCache Service Update
AWS ElastiCache Subnet
AWS ElastiCache Subnet Group
AWS ElastiCache Update Action
AWS ELB Load Balancer
AWS ELB Load Balancer Listener
AWS ELB Load Balancer Listener Rule
AWS ELB Load Balancer Policy
AWS ELB Load Balancer SG Link
AWS ELB Load Balancer SSL Certificate
AWS ELB Load Balancer Subnet Link
AWS ELB Load Balancer Target Group
AWS ELB Load Balancer Target Group Link
AWS ELB Load Balancer Target Link
AWS EMR Application
AWS EMR Cluster
AWS EMR Cluster Additional SG
AWS EMR Command
AWS EMR Instance
AWS EMR Instance EBS Volume Link
AWS EMR Instance Fleet
AWS EMR Instance Group
AWS EMR Instance Group Scaling Rule
AWS EMR Instance Type Specification
AWS EMR Security Configuration
AWS EventBridge API Destination
AWS EventBridge Archive
AWS EventBridge Connection
AWS EventBridge Endpoint
AWS EventBridge Endpoint Event Bus Link
AWS EventBridge Event Bus
AWS EventBridge Event Source
AWS EventBridge Replay
AWS EventBridge Replay Rule Link
AWS EventBridge Rule
AWS EventBridge Target
AWS FSx Backup
AWS FSx File System
AWS FSx File System Subnet Link
AWS FSx FS Network Interface Link
AWS Glacier Vault
AWS GlobalAccelerator Accelerator
AWS GlobalAccelerator BYOIP CIDR
AWS GlobalAccelerator Endpoint
AWS GlobalAccelerator Endpoint Group
AWS GlobalAccelerator IP Set
AWS GlobalAccelerator Listener
AWS Glue Catalog
AWS Glue Classifier
AWS Glue Connection
AWS Glue Connection Security Group Link
AWS Glue Crawler
AWS Glue Crawler Classifier Link
AWS Glue Database
AWS Glue Development Endpoint
AWS Glue Development Endpoint SG Link
AWS Glue Job
AWS Glue ML Task Run
AWS Glue ML Transform
AWS Glue Security Configuration
AWS Glue Table
AWS Glue Trigger
AWS GuardDuty Detector
AWS GuardDuty Finding
AWS GuardDuty IP List
AWS GuardDuty Member
AWS IAM Access Analyzer
AWS IAM Access Analyzer Finding
AWS IAM Access Key
AWS IAM Group Policy
AWS IAM Group Policy Attachment
AWS IAM ID Center Acc. Provisioned Link
AWS IAM ID Center Account Assignment
AWS IAM ID Center Group
AWS IAM ID Center Group Membership Link
AWS IAM ID Center Instance
AWS IAM ID Center Managed Policy Link
AWS IAM ID Center Permission Set
AWS IAM ID Center User
AWS IAM ID Ctr Cust. Managed Policy Link
AWS IAM Instance Profile
AWS IAM OpenID Connect Provider
AWS IAM Password Policy
AWS IAM Policy
AWS IAM Role Policy
AWS IAM Role Policy Attachment
AWS IAM Server Certificate
AWS IAM Signing Certificate
AWS IAM SSH Public Key
AWS IAM User Group Link
AWS IAM User Policy
AWS IAM User Policy Attachment
AWS IoT Certificate
AWS IoT Policy
AWS IoT Policy Principle
AWS IoT Rule
AWS IoT Thing
AWS IoT Thing Principle
AWS IoT Thing Type
AWS Kendra Data Source
AWS Kendra Experience
AWS Kendra Experience Data Source Link
AWS Kendra Experience FAQ Link
AWS Kendra FAQ
AWS Kendra Index
AWS Kendra Query Suggestion Block List
AWS Kendra Thesaurus
AWS Kinesis Analytics Application
AWS Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream
AWS Kinesis Firehose Destination
AWS Kinesis Stream
AWS KMS Key Policy
AWS Lambda Alias
AWS Lambda Code Signing Config
AWS Lambda Event Source
AWS Lambda Function
AWS Lambda Function Layer Version Link
AWS Lambda Function Security Group Link
AWS Lambda Function Subnet Link
AWS Lambda Function Vers Layer VersLink
AWS Lambda Function Version
AWS Lambda Function Version SG Link
AWS Lambda Function Version Subnet Link
AWS Lambda Layer
AWS Lambda Layer Version
AWS Lex Bot
AWS Lex Bot Alias
AWS Lex Bot Locale
AWS Lex Bot Version
AWS Lex Intent
AWS Lex Slot Type
AWS License Manager Association
AWS License Manager License Config
AWS License Manager Service Settings
AWS License Manager Usage
AWS Lightsail Disk
AWS Lightsail Disk Snapshot
AWS Lightsail DNS Zone
AWS Lightsail Instance
AWS Lightsail Instance LoadBalancer Link
AWS Lightsail Instance Snapshot
AWS Lightsail Load Balancer
AWS Lightsail Static IP Address
AWS Managed Blockchain Invitation
AWS Managed Blockchain Member
AWS Managed Blockchain Network
AWS Managed Blockchain Node
AWS Managed Blockchain Proposal
AWS MediaConnect Entitlement
AWS MediaConnect Flow
AWS MediaConnect Flow Entitlement Link
AWS MediaConnect Flow Output
AWS MediaConnect Flow Source
AWS MediaConvert Endpoint
AWS MediaConvert Queue
AWS MediaLive Channel
AWS MediaLive Channel Destination
AWS MediaLive Channel Input Attachment
AWS MediaLive Channel Schedule
AWS MediaLive Input
AWS MediaLive Input Destination
AWS MediaLive Input Security Group
AWS MediaLive Input Security Group Link
AWS MediaLive Input Source
AWS MediaLive Reservation
AWS MediaPackage Channel
AWS MediaPackage Channel Input Endpoint
AWS MediaPackage Origin Endpoint
AWS MediaPackage VOD Asset
AWS MediaPackage VOD Packaging Config
AWS MediaPackage VOD Packaging Group
AWS MediaStore Container
AWS MediaStore Container CORS Rule
AWS MediaTailor Playback Configuration
AWS MedLive Chan Dest MedPack Chan Link
AWS MQ Broker
AWS MQ Broker Pending SG Link
AWS MQ Broker Security Group Link
AWS MQ Broker Subnet Link
AWS MQ Broker User
AWS MQ Configuration
AWS MQ Configuration Revision
AWS MSK Cluster
AWS MSK Cluster Security Group Link
AWS MSK Cluster Subnet Link
AWS MSK Configuration
AWS MSK Configuration Revision
AWS MWAA Environment
AWS OpenSearch Domain
AWS OpenSearch Domain Package Link
AWS OpenSearch Domain SG Link
AWS OpenSearch Domain Subnet Link
AWS OpenSearch Package
AWS OpenSearch Reserved Instance
AWS OpsWorks App
AWS OpsWorks Instance
AWS OpsWorks Instance Layer Link
AWS OpsWorks Layer
AWS OpsWorks Permission
AWS OpsWorks Resource
AWS OpsWorks Stack
AWS OpsWorks User Profile
AWS Organization
AWS Organization Account
AWS Organization Policy
AWS Organization Policy Account Link
AWS Organization Policy Root Link
AWS Organization Root
AWS Organizational Unit
AWS Organizational Unit Policy Link
AWS Polly Lexicon
AWS Polly Lexicon Synthesis Task Link
AWS Polly Speech Synthesis Task
AWS RAM Permission
AWS RAM Permission Association
AWS RAM Permission Version
AWS RAM Principal
AWS RAM Resource
AWS RAM Resource Share
AWS RAM Resource Share Invitation
AWS RAM Resource Share Principal Link
AWS RAM Resource Share Resource Link
AWS RDS Cluster
AWS RDS Cluster Backtrack
AWS RDS Cluster IAM Role Link
AWS RDS Cluster Parameter Group
AWS RDS Cluster Snapshot
AWS RDS Cluster VPC SG Link
AWS RDS Event Subscription
AWS RDS Instance
AWS RDS Instance IAM Role Link
AWS RDS Instance Parameter Group Link
AWS RDS Instance SG Link (Classic)
AWS RDS Instance SG Link (VPC)
AWS RDS Option Group
AWS RDS Option Group Option
AWS RDS Parameter
AWS RDS Parameter Group
AWS RDS Reserved Instance
AWS RDS Security Group (Classic)
AWS RDS Security Group Rule (Classic)
AWS RDS Snapshot
AWS RDS Subnet Group
AWS RDS Subnet Group Subnet Link
AWS Redshift Cluster
AWS Redshift Cluster Parameter
AWS Redshift Cluster Parameter Group
AWS Redshift Cluster Role Link
AWS Redshift Cluster SG (Classic)
AWS Redshift Cluster SG Link (Classic)
AWS Redshift Cluster SG Link (VPC)
AWS Redshift Cluster Subnet Group
AWS Redshift Cluster VPC Endpoint Link
AWS Redshift Cluster VPC Endpoint SG
AWS Redshift Data Share
AWS Redshift Endpoint Access
AWS Redshift Endpoint Authorization
AWS Redshift Event
AWS Redshift Event Subscription
AWS Redshift Reserved Node
AWS Redshift Snapshot
AWS Redshift Subnet Group Subnet Link
AWS Region
AWS Rekognition Collection
AWS Rekognition Face
AWS Rekognition Project
AWS Rekognition Project Version
AWS Rekognition Stream Processor
AWS Route53 Domain
AWS Route53 Health Check
AWS Route53 Hosted Zone
AWS Route53 Operation
AWS Route53 Resource Record Set
AWS Route53 Traffic Policy
AWS Route53 Traffic Policy Record
AWS Route53 Traffic Policy Version
AWS S3 Access Grant
AWS S3 Access Grants Instance
AWS S3 Access Grants Location
AWS S3 Access Point
AWS S3 Bucket
AWS S3 Directory Bucket
AWS S3 Multi-Region Access Point
AWS S3 Multi-Region Access Point Region
AWS S3 Multi-Region Access Point Route
AWS S3 Object Lambda Access Point
AWS S3 Object Lambda Transformation
AWS S3 Storage Lens Configuration
AWS S3 Storage Lens Group
AWS SageMaker Algorithm
AWS SageMaker Algorithm Valid Profile
AWS SageMaker App
AWS SageMaker Auto ML Job
AWS SageMaker Auto ML Job SG LInk
AWS SageMaker Auto ML Job Subnet Link
AWS SageMaker Code Repository
AWS SageMaker Compilation Job
AWS SageMaker Domain
AWS SageMaker Domain Def User SG Link
AWS SageMaker Domain Subnet Link
AWS SageMaker Endpoint
AWS SageMaker Endpoint Config
AWS SageMaker Experiment
AWS SageMaker Flow Definition
AWS SageMaker Human Task UI
AWS SageMaker HyperParameter Tuning Job
AWS SageMaker Labeling Job
AWS SageMaker Model
AWS SageMaker Model Package
AWS SageMaker Model SG Link
AWS SageMaker Model Subnet Link
AWS SageMaker Notebook Instance
AWS SageMaker Notebook Instance SG Link
AWS SageMaker Proc Job Subnet Link
AWS SageMaker Processing Job
AWS SageMaker Processing Job SG Link
AWS SageMaker Training Job
AWS SageMaker Training Job SG Link
AWS SageMaker Training Job Subnet Link
AWS SageMaker Transform Job
AWS SageMaker Trial
AWS SageMaker Trial Component
AWS SageMaker User Profile
AWS SageMaker User Profile SG Link
AWS SageMaker Workforce
AWS SageMaker Workteam
AWS Savings Plans Savings Plan
AWS Secrets Manager Secret
AWS Secrets Manager Secret Version
AWS Service Catalog Action Artifact Link
AWS Service Catalog Portf Budget Link
AWS Service Catalog Portfolio
AWS Service Catalog Portfolio Constraint
AWS Service Catalog Portfolio Principal
AWS Service Catalog Portfolio Share
AWS Service Catalog Product
AWS Service Catalog Product Budget Link
AWS Service Catalog Product Portf Link
AWS Service Catalog Product Version
AWS Service Catalog Prov. Artifact
AWS Service Catalog Provisioned Product
AWS Service Catalog Service Action
AWS SES Configuration Set
AWS SES Custom Verify Email Template
AWS SES Identity
AWS SES Policy
AWS SES Receipt Filter
AWS SES Receipt Rule
AWS SES Receipt Rule Set
AWS SES Sending Statistic
AWS SES Template
AWS Shield Attack
AWS Shield Attack Vector
AWS Shield Counter
AWS Shield Protection
AWS Shield Protection Group
AWS Shield Protection Group Res. Link
AWS Shield Protection Health Check Link
AWS Shield SRT Log Bucket Link
AWS Shield SubResource
AWS Snowball Address
AWS Snowball Cluster
AWS Snowball Job
AWS SNS Subscription
AWS SSM Document
AWS SSM Document Version
AWS SSM Hybrid Activation
AWS SSM Maintenance Window
AWS SSM Maintenance Window Target
AWS SSM Maintenance Window Task
AWS SSM Ops Item
AWS SSM Ops Item Topic Link
AWS SSM Parameter
AWS SSM Window Target Instance Link
AWS SSM Window Task Target Link
AWS Step Functions Activity
AWS Step Functions State Machine
AWS Storage Gateway
AWS Storage Gateway File Share
AWS Storage Gateway Local Disk
AWS Storage Gateway Tape
AWS Storage Gateway Tape Archive
AWS Storage Gateway Volume
AWS Storage Gateway VTL Device
AWS SWF Activity Type
AWS SWF Domain
AWS SWF Workflow Type
AWS Tape Recovery Point
AWS Transcribe Call Analytics Category
AWS Transcribe Call Analytics Job
AWS Transcribe Language Model
AWS Transcribe Med Transcription Job
AWS Transcribe Transcription Job
AWS Transcribe Vocabulary
AWS Transcribe Vocabulary Filter
AWS Verified Access Endpoint
AWS Verified Access Group
AWS Verified Access Instance
AWS Verified Access Trust Provider
AWS Volume Recovery Point
AWS VPC Attachment
AWS VPC Customer Gateway
AWS VPC Egress Only Internet Gateway
AWS VPC Endpoint
AWS VPC Endpoint Connection Notification
AWS VPC Endpoint Security Group Link
AWS VPC Endpoint Service
AWS VPC Endpoint Service Net ELB Link
AWS VPC Endpoint Service Permission
AWS VPC Endpoint Subnet Link
AWS VPC Flow Log
AWS VPC Instance Classic Link
AWS VPC Internet Gateway
AWS VPC Internet Gateway Attachment
AWS VPC IPsec Tunnel
AWS VPC Managed Prefix List
AWS VPC NAT Gateway Address
AWS VPC Network ACL Association
AWS VPC Network ACL Entry
AWS VPC Peering Connection
AWS VPC Route Table
AWS VPC Route Table Association
AWS VPC Static Route
AWS VPC Subnet
AWS VPC TG Attachment Subnet Link
AWS VPC TG Prefix List Reference
AWS VPC TG Route Table Association
AWS VPC TG Route Table Propagation
AWS VPC Transit Gateway
AWS VPC Transit Gateway Attachment
AWS VPC Transit Gateway Route Table
AWS VPC Virtual Private Gateway
AWS VPC VPN Connection
AWS VPC VPN Gateway Telemetry
AWS WAF Condition
AWS WAF Filter
AWS WAF Rule Predicate
AWS WAF Web ACL Activated Rule
AWS WAF Web ACL Resource Link
AWS WorkSpace
AWS WorkSpaces Bundle
AWS WorkSpaces Directory
AWS WorkSpaces IP Access Control Group
AWS X-Ray Encryption Config
AWS X-Ray Group
AWS X-Ray Sampling Rule
Azure Action Group
Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory Application
Azure Active Directory Application Key
Azure Active Directory Assignment Filter
Azure Active Directory Compliance Policy
Azure Active Directory Config Assignment
Azure Active Directory Device
Azure Active Directory Device Config
Azure Active Directory Device Fact
Azure Active Directory Device MountPoint
Azure Active Directory Domain
Azure Active Directory Group
Azure Active Directory Group Member
Azure Active Directory Policy Assignment
Azure Active Directory Role
Azure Active Directory Role Member
Azure Active Directory Service Principal
Azure Active Directory User
Azure Activity Log Alert
Azure Activity Log Alert Action Gr Link
Azure Activity Log Alert Resource Link
Azure AD Service Principal Certificate
Azure Advisor Recommendation
Azure AI Account
Azure AI Deployment
Azure AKS Cluster
Azure AKS Cluster Agent Pool Profile
Azure AKS Cluster Config Map
Azure AKS Cluster Daemon Set
Azure AKS Cluster Deployment
Azure AKS Cluster Endpoint
Azure AKS Cluster Fact
Azure AKS Cluster HPA
Azure AKS Cluster Ingress
Azure AKS Cluster Limit Range
Azure AKS Cluster Namespace
Azure AKS Cluster Network Policy
Azure AKS Cluster Network Policy Rule
Azure AKS Cluster Node
Azure AKS Cluster Node Address
Azure AKS Cluster Node Condition
Azure AKS Cluster Pod
Azure AKS Cluster Pod Container
Azure AKS Cluster Pod Disruption Budget
Azure AKS Cluster Public IP Address Link
Azure AKS Cluster Public IP Prefix Link
Azure AKS Cluster Replica Set
Azure AKS Cluster Resource Quota
Azure AKS Cluster Role
Azure AKS Cluster Role Binding
Azure AKS Cluster Secret
Azure AKS Cluster Service
Azure AKS Cluster Service Account
Azure AKS Cluster Service Account Secret
Azure AKS Cluster Stateful Set
Azure AKS Cluster Storage Class
Azure Alert Rule
Azure Alerts Smart Group
Azure Alerts Smart Group Res Group Link
Azure Alerts Smart Group Resource Link
Azure Analysis Services Server
Azure Analysis Services Server Admin
Azure App Security Group
Azure App Service
Azure App Service Backup
Azure App Service Certificate
Azure App Service Connection Gateway
Azure App Service Deployment
Azure App Service Domain
Azure App Service Environment
Azure App Service Function
Azure App Service Host Name SSL State
Azure App Service Plan
Azure App Service Private Endpoint Conn
Azure App Service Restriction Rule
Azure Application Gateway
Azure Application Gateway Backend Health
Azure Application Gateway BE Addr Pool
Azure Application Gateway BE HTTP Sett
Azure Application Gateway BE IP Cfg Link
Azure Application Gateway FE IP Cfg
Azure Application Gateway Frontend Port
Azure Application Gateway HTTP Listener
Azure Application Gateway IP Cfg
Azure Application Gateway Path Rule
Azure Application Gateway Probe
Azure Application Gateway Req Rout Rule
Azure Application Gateway URL Path Map
Azure Application Insights Component
Azure Application Insights Web Test
Azure AppService ConnectionGateway Admin
Azure Attack Surface Row
Azure Authorization Policy Assignment
Azure Authorization Role
Azure Authorization Role Assignment
Azure Automation Account
Azure Automation Runbook
Azure Autoscale Notification
Azure Autoscale Profile
Azure Autoscale Profile Scale Rule
Azure Autoscale Setting
Azure Availability Set
Azure Bastion Host
Azure Bastion Host IP Config
Azure Billing Account
Azure Compute Gallery
Azure Compute Gallery Image
Azure Container Registries Image
Azure Container Registries Registry
Azure Container Registries Repository
Azure Container Registries Usage
Azure Container Registries Webhook
Azure Container Service
Azure Container Service Agent Pool
Azure Cosmos DB Account
Azure Cosmos DB Location
Azure Cosmos DB Resource
Azure Data Factory Data Flow
Azure Data Factory Data Flow Transformat
Azure Data Factory Dataset
Azure Data Factory Factory
Azure Data Factory Integration Runtime
Azure Data Factory Linked Service
Azure Data Factory Managed Priv Endpoint
Azure Data Factory Managed Virt Network
Azure Data Factory Pipeline
Azure Data Factory Trigger
Azure Data Factory Trigger Pipeline Link
Azure Databricks Workspace
Azure Databricks Workspace Authorization
Azure DDoS Protection Plan
Azure Defender Plan
Azure DevTest Lab
Azure DevTest Virtual Machine
Azure DevTest Virtual Network
Azure DevTest Virtual Network Subnet
Azure Diagnostic Setting
Azure Disk Encryption Set
Azure DNS Private Zone
Azure DNS Record Set
Azure DNS Zone
Azure Event Grid Client
Azure Event Grid Client Group
Azure Event Grid Domain
Azure Event Grid Event Subscription
Azure Event Grid Namespace
Azure Event Grid Topic
Azure Event Grid Topic Space
Azure Event Hubs Consumer Group
Azure Event Hubs Event Hub
Azure Event Hubs Namespace
Azure Event Hubs Shared Access Policy
Azure Express Route Circuit
Azure Express Route Circuit Auth
Azure Express Route Circuit Peering
Azure Express Route Filter
Azure Express Route Filter Rule
Azure Firewall
Azure Firewall IP Configuration
Azure Firewall Policy
Azure Firewall Policy Application Rule
Azure Firewall Policy Nat Rule
Azure Firewall Policy Network Rule
Azure Firewall Rule Collection Group
Azure HDInsight Cluster
Azure HDInsight Cluster Endpoint
Azure HDInsight Cluster Role
Azure Image
Azure Image Disk Link
Azure IoT Hub
Azure IoT Hub Endpoint
Azure IoT Hub IP Filter
Azure IoT Hub Job
Azure IoT Hub Route
Azure Key Vault
Azure Key Vault Key
Azure Key Vault Secret
Azure Load Balancer
Azure Load Balancer Backend IP Cfg Link
Azure Load Balancer Backend Pool
Azure Load Balancer Frontend IP Config
Azure Load Balancer Inbound NAT Pool
Azure Load Balancer Inbound NAT Rule
Azure Load Balancer Outbound Rule
Azure Load Balancer Probe
Azure Load Balancing Rule
Azure Local Network Gateway
Azure Log Analytics Cluster
Azure Log Analytics Cluster Workspace
Azure Log Analytics Linked Service
Azure Log Analytics Saved Search
Azure Log Analytics Scoped Resource Link
Azure Log Analytics Storage Insight
Azure Log Analytics Table
Azure Log Analytics Workspace
Azure Log Profile
Azure Managed Disk
Azure MariaDB Database
Azure MariaDB Firewall Rule
Azure MariaDB Server
Azure MariaDB Virtual Network Rule
Azure MySQL Database
Azure MySQL Server
Azure Network Interface
Azure Network Interface IP Configuration
Azure Network Security Group
Azure Network Security Group Rule
Azure Network Subnet
Azure Network Watcher
Azure Notification Hub Namespace
Azure Notification Hub Notification Hub
Azure Policy Assignment
Azure Policy Attestation
Azure Policy Definition
Azure Policy Definition Set Link
Azure Policy Exemption
Azure Policy Remediation
Azure Policy Set Definition
Azure PostgreSQL Database
Azure PostgreSQL Server
Azure Private Endpoint
Azure Private Endpoint Link Service Conn
Azure Private Endpoint Network Interface
Azure Proximity Placement Group
Azure Prv Endpoint App Security Grp Link
Azure Public IP Address
Azure Public IP Prefix
Azure Recovery Service Backup Item
Azure Recovery Service Backup Policy
Azure Recovery Service Vault
Azure Redis Cache
Azure Regulatory Compliance Assessment
Azure Regulatory Compliance Control
Azure Regulatory Compliance Standard
Azure Reservation
Azure Reservation Applied Reservation
Azure Reservation Applied Scope
Azure Reservation Coverage
Azure Reservation Order
Azure Reservation Utilization
Azure Resource
Azure Resource Group
Azure Resource Management Lock
Azure Route
Azure Route Table
Azure Scheduled Query Rule
Azure Security Alert
Azure Security Compliance
Azure Security Policy
Azure Service Bus Namespace
Azure Service Bus Queue
Azure Service Bus Shared Access Policy
Azure Service Bus Subscription
Azure Service Bus Topic
Azure Service Fabric Cluster
Azure Service Fabric Cluster Node Type
Azure Snapshot
Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Elastic Pool
Azure SQL Managed Instance
Azure SQL Managed Instance Database
Azure SQL Managed Instance Pool
Azure SQL Server
Azure SQL Virtual Machine
Azure SSH Public Key
Azure Storage Account
Azure Storage Account Replication Policy
Azure Storage Account Replication Rule
Azure Storage Account Virtual Net Rule
Azure Storage Blob Container
Azure Storage File
Azure Storage Queue
Azure Storage Table
Azure Storage VHD
Azure Subscription
Azure Subscription Quotas
Azure Synapse Big Data Pool
Azure Synapse Integration Runtime
Azure Synapse Private Endpoint Connect
Azure Synapse Spark Configuration
Azure Synapse SQL Pool
Azure Synapse Workspace
Azure Traffic Manager Endpoint
Azure Traffic Manager Profile
Azure Virtual Machine
Azure Virtual Machine Disk
Azure Virtual Machine Extension
Azure Virtual Machine Fact
Azure Virtual Machine Managed Disk Link
Azure Virtual Machine Mount Point
Azure Virtual Network
Azure Virtual Network Gateway
Azure Virtual Network Gateway Connect
Azure Virtual Network Gateway IP Config
Azure Virtual Network Peering
Azure VM Scale Set
Azure VM Scale Set AG BE Addr Pool Link
Azure VM Scale Set Blob Container Link
Azure VM Scale Set Inst Net Int IP Conf
Azure VM Scale Set Instance
Azure VM Scale Set Instance Fact
Azure VM Scale Set Instance Mount Point
Azure VM Scale Set Instance Network Int
Azure VM Scale Set Instance Public IP
Azure VM Scale Set LB Backend Pool Link
Azure VM Scale Set LB InNAT Pool Link
Breeze Agent
CloudAware ALAS
CloudAware ALAS CVE
CloudAware App Contact Report Link
CloudAware Application
CloudAware Application Attach
CloudAware Application Contact Link
CloudAware Application Report Link
CloudAware Application Tier
CloudAware Application Tier Daily Cost
CloudAware Approval Status
CloudAware Benchmark
CloudAware Benchmark Check
CloudAware Chatter Queue
CloudAware CIDR
CloudAware CVE
CloudAware Daily Metering Application
CloudAware Daily Metering Policy
CloudAware Incident
CloudAware Linux Package
CloudAware Linux Repository
CloudAware OS Service
CloudAware OS User
CloudAware Page
CloudAware Physical Server
CloudAware Physical Server Fact
CloudAware Physical Server Mount Point
CloudAware Policy
CloudAware Policy Violation
CloudAware Property
CloudAware Runtime Environment
CloudAware S3 Snapshot
CloudAware Scan Server
CloudAware Settings
CloudAware Stack Launch Request
CloudAware Stack Template
CloudAware Upgradable Package
CloudAware URL
CloudAware URL Check
CloudAware URL Check Link
CloudAware URL EC2 Elastic IP Link
CloudAware URL EC2 Instance Link
CloudAware URL EC2 Load Balancer Link
CloudAware URL RDS Instance Link
CloudAware URL S3 Bucket Link
CloudAware Virtualized Service
CloudAware Virtualized Service Interface
CloudAware Vulnerability Scan
CloudAware Vulnerability Scan CVE
CloudAware Windows Program
Datadog Account
Datadog Downtime
Datadog Monitor
Datadog Monitor Downtime
Docker Container
Docker Image
Docker Repository
Docker Repository Image
Docker Runtime Vulnerability
Google BigQuery Dataset
Google BigQuery Table
Google Billing Account
Google Cloud DNS Managed Zone
Google Cloud DNS Policy
Google Cloud DNS Resource Record Set
Google Cloud KMS Crypto Key
Google Cloud KMS Key Ring
Google Cloud Router
Google Cloud Router BGP Peer
Google Cloud Router Network Interface
Google Cloud SQL Backup Run
Google Cloud SQL Database
Google Cloud SQL Instance
Google Cloud SQL Instance IP Address
Google Cloud SQL SSL Certificate
Google Dataflow Job
Google Dataproc Cluster
Google Dataproc Cluster Instance Link
Google Dataproc Job
Google G-Suite Customer
Google G-Suite Domain
Google G-Suite Domain Alias
Google G-Suite Group
Google G-Suite Member
Google G-Suite Organizational Unit
Google G-Suite Privilege
Google G-Suite Role
Google G-Suite Role Assignment
Google G-Suite Role Privilege Link
Google G-Suite User
Google G-Suite User Address
Google G-Suite User Instant Messenger
Google G-Suite User Location
Google G-Suite User Organization
Google G-Suite User Posix Account
Google GCE Attached Disk
Google GCE Autoscaler
Google GCE Backend Bucket
Google GCE Backend Service
Google GCE Backend Service Backend
Google GCE Backend Service HealthCheck
Google GCE Disk
Google GCE Firewall Rule
Google GCE Forwarding Rule
Google GCE GroupManager TargetPool Link
Google GCE Health Check
Google GCE Image
Google GCE Instance
Google GCE Instance Fact
Google GCE Instance Group
Google GCE Instance Group Manager
Google GCE Instance Mount Point
Google GCE Instance ServiceAccount Link
Google GCE Instance Template
Google GCE InstanceTemplate AttachedDisk
Google GCE Network
Google GCE Network Interface
Google GCE Network Peering
Google GCE Route
Google GCE Snapshot
Google GCE Static External IP Address
Google GCE Subnetwork
Google GCE Target Instance
Google GCE Target Pool
Google GCE Target Pool Instance Link
Google GCE Target Proxy
Google GCE Target VPN Gateway
Google GCE Template Network Interface
Google GCE URL Map
Google GCE URL Map Host And Path Rule
Google GCE URL Map Test
Google GCE VPN Tunnel
Google GCR Image
Google GCR Repository
Google GKE Cluster
Google GKE Cluster Config Map
Google GKE Cluster Daemon Set
Google GKE Cluster Deployment
Google GKE Cluster Endpoint
Google GKE Cluster HPA
Google GKE Cluster Ingress
Google GKE Cluster Limit Range
Google GKE Cluster Namespace
Google GKE Cluster Network Policy
Google GKE Cluster Network Policy Rule
Google GKE Cluster Node
Google GKE Cluster Node Address
Google GKE Cluster Node Condition
Google GKE Cluster Node Pool
Google GKE Cluster Pod
Google GKE Cluster Pod Container
Google GKE Cluster Pod Disr Budget
Google GKE Cluster Replica Set
Google GKE Cluster Resource Quota
Google GKE Cluster Role
Google GKE Cluster Role Binding
Google GKE Cluster Secret
Google GKE Cluster Service
Google GKE Cluster Service Acc Secret
Google GKE Cluster Service Account
Google GKE Cluster Stateful Set
Google GKE Cluster Storage Class
Google IAM Policy Audit Config
Google IAM Policy Audit Log Config
Google IAM Policy Binding
Google IAM Role
Google IAM Service Account
Google IAM Service Account Key
Google Logging Log Metric
Google Logging Log Sink
Google ML Engine Model
Google ML Engine Prediction Job
Google ML Engine Training Job
Google ML Engine Version
Google Monitoring Alert Policy
Google Monitoring Condition
Google Project
Google Project Region
Google Project Zone
Google PubSub Subscription
Google PubSub Topic
Google Region
Google Resource Manager Folder
Google Resource Manager Organization
Google Resource Manager Project
Google SCC Finding
Google SCC Mute Config
Google SCC Source
Google Storage Bucket
Google Storage Bucket CORS
Google Zone
Heroku Account
Heroku Account Feature
Heroku Addon
Heroku Addon Service
Heroku Application
Heroku Application Collaborator
Heroku Build
Heroku Credit
Heroku Domain
Heroku Dyno
Heroku Feature
Heroku Formation
Heroku Identity Provider
Heroku Invoice Line
Heroku Pipeline
Heroku Pipeline Coupling
Heroku Plan
Heroku Region
Heroku Release
Heroku Slug
Heroku SNI Endpoint
Heroku Space
Heroku Space Inbound Rule
Heroku Space Outbound Rule
Heroku Space Peering
Heroku Space VPN Connection
Heroku Space VPN Connection Tunnel
Heroku SSL Endpoint
Heroku Stack
Heroku Team
Heroku Team Member
Heroku Test Case
Heroku Test Node
Heroku Test Run
Heroku Webhook
Heroku Webhook Delivery
Heroku Webhook Event
JAMF Account Group
JAMF Account Group User Link
JAMF Account User
JAMF Computer
JAMF Computer Group
JAMF Computer Group Computer Link
JAMF Computer Storage
JAMF Instance
JAMF Mobile Device
JAMF Mobile Device Group
JAMF Mobile Device Group Device Link
JAMF User Group
JAMF User Group User Link
JIRA Account
JIRA Issue
New Relic Account
New Relic Application
New Relic Azure App Service
New Relic Azure Application Gateway
New Relic Host
New Relic Host Application Link
New Relic Transaction
PagerDuty Account
PagerDuty Incident
PagerDuty Incident Assignment User Link
PagerDuty Incident Team Link
PagerDuty Service
PagerDuty Service Integration
PagerDuty Service Team Link
PagerDuty Team
PagerDuty User
PagerDuty User Contact Method
PagerDuty User Notification Rule
PagerDuty User Team Link
SCCM Device
SCCM User Group
SCCM User Group User Link
SSL Certificate
Task Feed Item Link
vCenter Cluster
vCenter Datacenter
vCenter Datastore
vCenter Folder
vCenter Host
vCenter Management Server
vCenter Network
vCenter Resource Pool
vCenter Virtual Machine
vCenter Virtual Machine Disk
vCenter Virtual Machine Ethernet Adapter
vCenter Virtual Machine Fact
vCenter Virtual Machine Mount Point
Wormly Daily Uptime Report
Wormly Host
Wormly Host Sensor
Wormly Host Sensor Status

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