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Supported Google Cloud Objects

Object Name
Google BigQuery Dataset
Google BigQuery Table
Google Billing Account
Google Cloud DNS Managed Zone
Google Cloud DNS Resource Record Set
Google Cloud KMS Crypto Key
Google Cloud KMS Key Ring
Google Cloud Router
Google Cloud Router BGP Peer
Google Cloud Router Network Interface
Google Cloud SQL Backup Run
Google Cloud SQL Database
Google Cloud SQL Instance
Google Cloud SQL Instance IP Address
Google Cloud SQL SSL Certificate
Google Dataflow Job
Google Dataproc Cluster
Google Dataproc Cluster Instance Link
Google Dataproc Job
Google G-Suite Customer
Google G-Suite Domain
Google G-Suite Domain Alias
Google G-Suite Group
Google G-Suite Member
Google G-Suite Organizational Unit
Google G-Suite Privilege
Google G-Suite Role
Google G-Suite Role Assignment
Google G-Suite Role Privilege Link
Google G-Suite User
Google G-Suite User Address
Google G-Suite User Instant Messenger
Google G-Suite User Location
Google G-Suite User Organization
Google G-Suite User Posix Account
Google GCE Attached Disk
Google GCE Autoscaler
Google GCE Backend Bucket
Google GCE Backend Service
Google GCE Backend Service Backend
Google GCE Backend Service HealthCheck
Google GCE Disk
Google GCE Firewall Rule
Google GCE Forwarding Rule
Google GCE GroupManager TargetPool Link
Google GCE Health Check
Google GCE Image
Google GCE Instance
Google GCE Instance Fact
Google GCE Instance Group
Google GCE Instance Group Manager
Google GCE Instance Mount Point
Google GCE Instance ServiceAccount Link
Google GCE Instance Template
Google GCE InstanceTemplate AttachedDisk
Google GCE Network
Google GCE Network Interface
Google GCE Network Peering
Google GCE Route
Google GCE Snapshot
Google GCE Static External IP Address
Google GCE Subnetwork
Google GCE Target Instance
Google GCE Target Pool
Google GCE Target Pool Instance Link
Google GCE Target Proxy
Google GCE Target VPN Gateway
Google GCE Template Network Interface
Google GCE URL Map
Google GCE URL Map Host And Path Rule
Google GCE URL Map Test
Google GCE VPN Tunnel
Google GCR Image
Google GCR Repository
Google GKE Cluster
Google GKE Cluster Config Map
Google GKE Cluster Daemon Set
Google GKE Cluster Deployment
Google GKE Cluster Endpoint
Google GKE Cluster HPA
Google GKE Cluster Ingress
Google GKE Cluster Limit Range
Google GKE Cluster Namespace
Google GKE Cluster Network Policy
Google GKE Cluster Network Policy Rule
Google GKE Cluster Node
Google GKE Cluster Node Address
Google GKE Cluster Node Condition
Google GKE Cluster Node Pool
Google GKE Cluster Pod
Google GKE Cluster Pod Container
Google GKE Cluster Pod Disr Budget
Google GKE Cluster Replica Set
Google GKE Cluster Resource Quota
Google GKE Cluster Role
Google GKE Cluster Role Binding
Google GKE Cluster Secret
Google GKE Cluster Service
Google GKE Cluster Service Acc Secret
Google GKE Cluster Service Account
Google GKE Cluster Stateful Set
Google IAM Policy Audit Config
Google IAM Policy Audit Log Config
Google IAM Policy Binding
Google IAM Role
Google IAM Service Account
Google IAM Service Account Key
Google Logging Log Metric
Google Logging Log Sink
Google ML Engine Model
Google ML Engine Prediction Job
Google ML Engine Training Job
Google ML Engine Version
Google Monitoring Alert Policy
Google Monitoring Condition
Google Project
Google Project Region
Google Project Zone
Google PubSub Subscription
Google PubSub Topic
Google Region
Google Resource Manager Folder
Google Resource Manager Organization
Google Resource Manager Project
Google Storage Bucket
Google Storage Bucket CORS
Google Zone
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