Cloud cost management begins with the ability to view usage and costs across your portfolio of applications. Dive deeper to understand usage across development and production environments, within application tiers, and among infrastructure types.

To learn more about AWS Cost Management, please refer to the following AWS documentation


Most capabilities of Cloudaware Cost Management are derived from Analytics API functionality.

  • report and dashboard builder

  • Budget Alerts

  • Spending Breakdown

  • Daily Email Reports

  • Reserved Instances Planner

  • Chargebacks and allocation by service line

  • Open API Access

  • Enterprise Security

  • Advanced Export Options

  • Features specifically for Resellers, MSPs and CSBs

  • Analytics of Blended vs. Unblended rates

Full details are here.

Easy To Share

Sharing cost analysis and spending reports in Cloudaware is easy. From scheduled email PDF or Excel reports to mobile notifications via Chatter, Cloudaware will deliver the reports to the users you want in whatever format necessary.

Blended and Unblended Rates

Cloud providers resellers and cloud service brokers depend on detailed billing files. These files are difficult to parse due to their complexity and size often requiring resellers, CSBs and large Cloud provider consumers to invest heavily in building in-house applications just to process cloud provider invoices. Cloudaware not only supports "giant" billing files but also provides the advanced analytics, customization and invoicing based on the data derived from detailed billing files.

To learn more about AWS Consolidated Bills please refer to the following AWS documentation.

Waste Detection

Cloudaware automatically detects waste in your accounts. For example, if Cloudaware notices that an EBS drive has been unattached for over 10 days, Cost Management module will issue an alert indicating the amount of potential savings. There are over 100 waste seeking policies. Using Compliance Engine designer, users can customize policies to increase or decrease number of days a resource is considered idling before an alert is issued. User can also create new policies altogether. On average Cloudaware detects more than $40,000 in annual savings after observing an account for at least two weeks.

Advanced Report and Dashboards Editor

Using extremely powerful report builder, Cloudaware customers can create account- and application specific reports.

Any attribute of AWS, Azure and GCP object can be used to create widgets and filters for detailed billing dashboards. 

AWS Billing Dashboard (Classic view)

AWS Billing Dashboard (Wave Analytics Advanced view)