Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a networking protocol used for the management and monitoring of network-connected devices in Internet Protocol networks. Cloudaware SNMP integration discovers SNMP-enabled devices.


Cloudaware Breeze Agent must be deployed on a physical or virtual server that has routing to the discovery subnet. You can have as many SNMP collectors as needed. 

Adding SNMP Collector

1. Log in to your Cloudaware account → Admin.

2. Find SNMP in the list of Monitoring integrations, click +Add.

3. To add a SNMP collector, fill out the form:

Subnet - insert IP address of the discovery subnet in the format
Port - insert the port where SNMP is set up
Community - insert SNMP community
Version - select SNMP version
Breeze agent - select the server where Cloudaware Breeze agent is installed for routing to the discovery subnet

Click Save.

List of SNMP Objects

Cloudaware supports the following SNMP-related objects:

SNMP Device
SNMP Device Network Interface