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Pingdom Webhook

Pingdom is an uptime and performance monitoring solution for websites, applications, and servers. The integration provides an endpoint URL for the Pingdom webhook connection.

To add your Pingdom account in Cloudaware via webhook, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Cloudaware account and click Admin.

2. Locate Pingdom Webhook in the list of Monitoring tools. Click +Add.

3. Enter the name of your integration and click Save.

4. A new integration will be created. Copy its URL.

5. Log in to your Pingdom account, select 'Integrations' and click Add Integration.

6. Select Webhook as a type. Add a name and paste the URL that you copied from Cloudaware account. Click Save integration.

7. Assign the new integration to your Pingdom checks. Go to 'Experience Monitoring' → 'Uptime' and select the appropriate check. Click Edit.

8. Scroll down to the Webhook section and check the box against the webhook integration that has been added. Click Modify check to save changes.

9. Click Test check to send a test alert which will create a new incident in Cloudaware.

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