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CrowdStrike is a cloud-native platform that protects endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data.


Cloudaware requires the following read-only permissions in CrowdStrike API scope:

sensor download 
host groups

Adding CrowdStrike Account

1. Log in to your Cloudaware account → Admin.

2. Find CrowdStrike in the list of integrations, click +Add.

3. To grant access to connect to CrowdStrike, fill out the following fields:

4. Click Save to test the connection.

5. The green light in 'Status' means that CrowdStrike integration has been successfully configured. If there is a red light, please contact

List of CrowdStrike Objects

Cloudaware supports the following CrowdStrike objects:

Crowdstrike Accounts

Crowdstrike Detections

Crowdstrike Detection Behaviors

Crowdstrike Hosts

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