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Cost Management - FAQ

Question: What cloud providers Cloudaware supports in terms of billing?
Answer: AWS (DBR/CUR), Azure (EA) and GCP.

Question: Can you show me costs across all my clouds?
Answer: Sure. We can build a cross-cloud cost analysis dashboard giving an overview of costs for cloud providers you use with filters by Product/Service and historical costs.

Question: Can I limit access to my billing data?
Answer: Yes, we can set up sharing settings so that only your finance team could have access to billing dashboards, for example.

Question: What does effective cost mean here?
Answer: 'Effective cost' provides you with an amortised value of reserved instances that were leveraged in order for this instance to operate.

Question: If I remove one of my AWS accounts, will I be able to see its costs in my billing reports and dashboards?
Answer: Yes, since Cloudaware consumes billing files independently from the AWS integration.

Question: I don't see my EDP discount applied to my CUR/DBR files and Cloudaware cost dashboard, though it is shown in AWS console. Why?
Answer: There is certain latency with EDP discounts in Amazon - in some cases EDP discounts for the previous month are fully posted in the middle or even at the end of the current month. Cloudaware gets the latest billing data from the customer's AWS billing files. If the EDP discount is not there, it means that it was not posted by AWS yet.

Question: Can you do forecasting?
Answer: Yes.

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