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Cost Management - Advantages


  • Track daily changes in your spending

  • Eliminate surprises in your cloud cost and usage with daily updates and advanced alerts that show you when things change and when you need to dig deeper

  • Understand your cloud costs and usage

  • Explore all of your cloud billing, usage and tagging data in one analytics tool to see what's being spent, who's spending it and where you could be spending less

  • Provide visibility for your entire enterprise

  • Communicate your cloud spending and usage across the organization without ever touching another spreadsheet or building another pivot table

Five Problems Cloudaware Solves:

  1. Overspending on cloud infrastructure due to lack of alarms and insight.

  2. Need to build custom tools to parse cloud provider invoices.

  3. Recognizing charges for untaggable cloud infrastructure resources against billing codes.

  4. Wasting money on underutilized or unused infrastructure.

  5. Inability to create drill-down cost analysis reports.

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