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CloudWatch Agent

Despite CloudWatch not being listed as a standalone integration in Cloudaware Admin, Cloudaware integrates with CloudWatch agents to gather instance-level utilization data and provide customers with capacity utilization reports.


Review your CloudWatch agent configuration to provide Cloudaware with the following details:

  1. Do all the CW agents have the same configuration, or is each one configured separately? Learn more

  2. Is the namespace custom or the default one (CWAgent)? 

  3. Are the metrics stored on the same account or sent to a different account*? Learn more

If you have a centralized configuration file for all CW agents, please get the file as shown here.

*Please note that Cloudaware will not be able to collect CloudWatch metrics that are sent to a different account.

  1. What pair of dimensions InstanceId + InstanceType are you using - default or custom** one? Read more (see the section CloudWatch agent configuration file: Metrics section → aggregation_dimensions)

**Please note that Cloudaware will not be able to collect metrics if a custom pair of dimensions is used.

Adding CW agent config file to Cloudaware

Provide CloudWatch agent configuration information to Cloudaware by contacting your dedicated technical account manager or via

Please allow 24 hours for the data to be collected in Cloudaware.

Capacity Report Data In Cloudaware

Capacity utilization data is available on an instance level in Cloudaware:

Group 2953.png

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