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Cloudaware - PagerDuty Partnership

Cloudaware and PagerDuty provide a comprehensive solution integrating asset management with AIOps and incident management.

Why Cloudaware?

Cloudaware enriches PagerDuty incident data

Cloudaware gathers infrastructure data from AWS, Azure, Google, Kubernetes and on-premises into one platform – CMDB. Leveraging CMDB, Cloudaware enriches PagerDuty incidents with meaningful metadata, such as impacted applications and resources. Using enhanced incident metadata, CloudOps, SecOps, and SRE teams improve routing and escalation rules to resolve time-sensitive and business-critical incidents faster.

Cloudaware enhances CMDB CIs with related PagerDuty incidents

Cloudaware discovers incidents, services, users and other PagerDuty objects in CMDB. Infrastructure operators can query CMDB to locate specific CIs and view associated past PagerDuty incidents. As a result, operators identify assets with chronic problems to take action and improve impact analysis.


Cloudaware provides pre-configured SSO and enables seamless PagerDuty license provisioning. Leveraging the consolidated solution, customers gain a better user experience, streamline procurement processes and align incident management with ITIL best practices.

Enterprises benefit from interoperability between the most complete CMDB and the best-known incident response platform for IT departments, proven use cases that Cloudaware and PagerDuty can help to resolve, and the profitability of purchasing the joint solution as a bundle.


Contact to share your requirements and get preliminary bundled pricing.

Additional information

Cloudaware is listed on PagerDuty Integrations page:

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