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Cloudaware - New Relic Partnership

Cloudaware partners with New Relic to ensure complete observability across enterprise-scale cloud deployments.


Cloudaware is one of three top Enterprise Cloud Management Platforms with a significant install base (~1,7M servers) among Fortune 500 companies.

Platform Architecture

Cloudaware is a cloud management platform for large-scale enterprises that deploy workloads across multiple cloud vendors and on-premises.

Cloudaware CMDB discovers and gathers data from various sources, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, Kubernetes, on-premise inventory, and over 50 other essential IT integrations. As a result, CMDB provides complete visibility into customer infrastructure.

Customers address Cloudaware to streamline their cloud agnostic IT management processes, spending, compliance and security.


Cloudaware successfully responds to the challenges of executing enterprise-wide deployment of New Relic observability in large cloud environments spanning hundreds of cloud accounts and business units.

  • Cloudaware utilizes Breeze technology to enable fast, frictionless, enterprise-scale deployment of New Relic agents.

  • Cloudaware automates New Relic sub-accounts creation to provide development teams with autonomy for maximum value realization.

  • Cloudaware embeds New Relic to provide an integrated cloud service management framework for optimizing resiliency, streamlining incident management and improving observability.

  • Enterprises with complex supply-chain and procurement processes benefit from consolidated billing and the Cloudaware-NewRelic partnership pricing model.

Other Services That Cloudaware Provides

Apart from advanced monitoring capabilities ensured through a partnership with New Relic, Cloudaware offers a wide range of security-related solutions such as:

  • Compliance Engine

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Patch Management

  • Log Management


The price for Cloudaware CMDB starts at $230 per month. New Relic monitoring pricing depends on the selected monitoring plan. Contact to learn more and get a preliminary quote.

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