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Backup & Replication - Advantages


  • Avoid building home-grown tools that you eventually will not have time to support

  • Know which EC2 and RDS instances are not backed up

  • Avoid wasting too much time recovering instance or data during an outage

  • Keep backup costs low by not creating thousands of untrackable manual snapshots

  • Replicate data and instances to other regions automatically and consistently

  • Get alerts if backups are missing

  • Cost effective backup solution for only a $1 per instance per month

  • Host yourself solutions for enterprise customers

Five Problems Cloudaware Solves:

  1. Relying on home-grown tools or manual backups.

  2. Not knowing which instances are not backed up.

  3. Taking too long to recover instance after accidental termination.

  4. Keeping backup costs low and deleting expired media.

  5. Replicating data to other regions consistently.

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