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Adding Cloud Accounts via Cloudaware API

Cloudaware uses OAuth standard to identify users who send requests to Cloudaware API. A current user should get a specific token to be able to add or see accounts (depending on their permissions).

Get OAuth Token

1. Log in to your Cloudaware account → Admin.

2. Select OAuth on the left → +Create New Token Create Token.

3. Click Copy To Clipboard to copy and save the token.

4. Click Got It, Сlose Window to proceed.

5. Check the list of tokens provided. 

You can have only 4 active tokens at time! The column 'Use Count' shows the number of times the token has been in use.

6. Note that if a token has been compromised, it must be revoked. For that, click triple dots → RevokeYes, Revoke.

7. Click +Create New Token to get a new token if necessary.

8. In case you have IP restrictions enabled in your environment, check your OAuth policies settings as below:

8.1 Log in to your Cloudaware account → Setup → Manage Apps → Connected Apps → Cloudaware OAuth2 → Edit Policies.

8.2. Select 'Relax IP restrictions' in 'IP Relaxation' → Save.

Get API Key

The API key is required for performing requests to Cloudaware API.

1. Create a Google Cloud Project account.

2. Submit an access request to providing the full e-mail of the associated Google Cloud Project account.

3. Activate access to Cloudaware API using API Manager: go to → APIs & Services → Library → filter by Private.

4. Select

5. Go back to APIs & Services → Credentials → Create credentials → API Key.

6. Copy the API Key to the clipboard

Add Cloud Account Using API

The Google APIs Explorer is a tool allowing to explore and test APIs.

1. Go to Google APIs Explorer using this link.

2. Select Set API key / OAuth 2.0 Client ID. Click Save.

3. Go to Services → External API v1 → select

4. Insert the OAuth token generated before (see p.3) and fill out the request body as below:

5. Click Authorize And Execute. 

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