Rancher is the open-source multi-cluster orchestration platform.


If Rancher server is running on the private network, TunHub Gateway must be configured before Rancher integration can be added to Cloudaware. Address the Cloudaware TunHub Integration Guidefor more information.

Adding Rancher Server

1. Log in to Cloudaware account → select Admin in the main menu under your username.

2. Find Rancher in the list of integrations, click +Add.

3. Fill in the required information:

Name - the Rancher integration name

URL - insert the TunHub URL generated by Cloudaware after a designated route is set up in TunHub integration (e.g. https://tunhub.cloudaware.com:1234)

API Key - use Bearer Token (see more in Rancher documentation)

Trust Certificate - check this box if Rancher server is running on a private network, and TunHub Gateway has been set up in Cloudaware.

Сlick Save.

4. The green light in 'Status' means that Rancher Server integration has been successfully configured. If there is a red light, please contact support@cloudaware.com

5. Once the integration is added, go to Cloudaware CMDB Navigator to view the Rancher data collected under the section RANCHER on the left.

List of Rancher Objects 

Cloudaware supports the following Rancher objects:

Rancher Cluster
Rancher Cluster Config Map
Rancher Cluster Daemon Set
Rancher Cluster Deployment
Rancher Cluster Endpoint
Rancher Cluster Limit Range
Rancher Cluster Namespace
Rancher Cluster Node
Rancher Cluster Node Address
Rancher Cluster Pod
Rancher Cluster Pod Container
Rancher Cluster Replica Set
Rancher Cluster Resource Quota
Rancher Cluster Role Template Binding
Rancher Cluster Service
Rancher Cluster Stateful Set
Rancher Global Role
Rancher Global Role Binding
Rancher Project
Rancher Project Role Template Binding
Rancher Server
Rancher Role Template
Rancher User