Competitors and Key Differentiators

 Conflux competes primarily with products like:

  • Sumologic

  • Splunk

  • Graylog

  • Loggly

 Key Differentiators:

  • Discovers new log sources, such as buckets and API endpoints, automatically without depending on human input

  • Decorates event data with cloud provider tags

  • Automatically archives older data into less expensive storage, resulting in lower cost of ownership

  • Uses Open Standard ''Lucene'' and ''Elasticsearch'' query languages

  • Advanced capabilities, such as anomaly detection and forecasting without extra cost

Key Features

  • Automatically discovers new logging data sources

  • Decorates event data with data from CMDB such as tags 

  • Secure API to endpoints for customers to feed custom logs (e.g. application logs, machine syslogs, etc.)

  • Provides complete visibility across all infrastructure tiers

    • Cloud e.g. CloudTrail

    • Network e.g. VPC Flow Logs

    • Operating System e.g. Syslog

  • Analyzes network logs to discover relationships

  • Leverages Machine Learning to detect anomalies and perform forecasting

  • Long term data retention (up to 7 years)