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Spring '20 Release


Azure Kubernetes Service


Azure App Service 

The objects updated:

  • App Service

  • App Service Plan

New objects added to the service:

  • App Service Backup

  • App Service Certificate

  • App Service Deployment

  • App Service Domain

  • App Service Environment

  • App Service Environment Capacity

  • App Service Restriction Rule

AWS S3 Control

New objects added to the service: 

  • AWS S3 Access Point

  • Policy Status, Public Access Block fields

AWS Database Migration Service

New objects added to the service: 

  • AWS DMS Certificate

  • AWS DMS Connection

  • AWS DMS Endpoint

  • AWS DMS Migration Task

  • AWS DMS Replication Instance

  • AWS DMS Replication Instance Sg Link

  • AWS DMS Subnet Group

  • AWS DMS Subnet Group Subnet Link

Tags became available for:

  • AWS DMS Subnet Group

  • AWS DMS Certificate

  • AWS DMS Connection

  • AWS DMS Endpoint

  • AWS DMS Migration Task

  • AWS DMS Replication Instance

Billing support for AWS DMS Replication Instance Object

AWS Systems Manager

New objects added to the service: 

  • AWS SSM Hybrid Activation

  • AWS SSM Maintenance Window

  • AWS SSM Maintenance Window Target

  • AWS SSM Maintenance Window Task

  • AWS SSM Ops Item

  • AWS SSM Ops Item Topic Link

  • AWS SSM Parameter

  • AWS SSM Window Target Instance Link

  • AWS SSM Window Task Target Link

AWS Storage Gateway 

The objects updated:

  • AWS Storage Gateway 

  • AWS Storage Gateway Local Disk

  • AWS Storage Gateway Tape

  • AWS Storage Gateway Tape Archive

  • AWS Storage Gateway VTL Device

  • AWS Storage Gateway Volume

  • AWS Tape Recovery Point

  • AWS Volume Recovery Point

New objects added to the service: 

  • AWS Storage Gateway File Share

AWS Cost Explorer: 

New objects added to the service: 

  • Savings Plan Utilizations

  • Forecast for Amazon Account

AWS Kinesis (Streams): 

Service support has been updated, bug fixed.

Winter '20 Release


Inline Editing for List Views

You can edit fields right from the object List Views and from the object detail page. Available for custom fields on all objects.
Multi-record editing from List Views is also available.

Cloudaware Navigator v2

Cloudaware Navigator v2 has the following features:

  • Comprehensive sorting for clouds, physical infrastructure, third-party integrations, Cloudaware items and products

  • Home page: eagles view of your infrastructure on the main page (AWS, AZURE, GCP, Classic Infrastructure, Custom Objects + Recent section) 

  • Navigator search bar for simple search within AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms (custom objects, list views, etc)

  • The section 'Recent' to access items you use the most (shortcuts to access specific information are available)

  • Well-structured sidebar for easier navigation

  • Alphabetical order for clouds, categories, services and objects

  • Custom objects can be viewed right on the Home page

  • Different layouts:
    for Cloud - Product Categories and their Products
    for Product Category - Product and their Objects
    for Product - Objects and the list views


AWS Budgets
AWS Rekognition
AWS FSx for Lustre
AWS FSx for Windows


AWS Glue
AWS Athena


PagerDuty Integration

New objects added: 

  • PagerDuty Account

  • PagerDuty Incident

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